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Wal-Mart suck.

this isn't too big of a deal, but hey whatever..

I went to Wal-Mart tonight to get some groceries & start on my Christmas shopping (good lord, is it that time of year already?) I picked up some baby items for my best friend (she's due this upcoming Spring) and I also wanted to buy her a nice bathrobe. she said she really wanted a pretty, pink, fluffy bathrobe. I thought it was a great gift idea, as it would be useful when she's in the hospital as well. I notice some nice robes there, but they're all made of nightgown material. I don't know how to put it. but basically they were made as a nightwear, not the terry cloth material I was looking for.

I pull my cart up to the dressing room counter that's right next to the robes. I look at the old lady working the dressing rooms & give her a friendly smile. she was on the phone, so I waited. I didn't want to be rude. she answered a few calls, and I remained patient. finally after the 6th or 7th phone call she took - all the while ignorning me (NO acknowledgment that I was standing right infront of her what-so-ever) I started to feel a little uhh.. ignored? annoyed? how about both. I used to work in customer service, so I know that I can't expect for someone to be able to read my mind & assume that I need help. but I KNOW that it was obvious. I was waiting right infront of the counter, much as a customer would do if they were waiting in line. I said "m'am, excuse me" - everything. and she never once said a thing to me.

so after she finally hangs up the phone, I'm thinking "yay! maybe she'll help me now!" - dead wrong! she starts slowly putting a hanger on a pair of pants. she didn't even look up at me or say "just a minute" or anything like that. yet when another woman came to the counter, she left the counter to go help her.. yet when she came back, she was talking shit about the woman.

I just didn't say anything & walked off. I never did find the robe that I was looking for =\
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