irish2483 (irish2483) wrote in bad_service,

Columbia House Bad Service

OK so I've been a Columbia House member for 2 years now, gotten some decent deals on DVD's and overpaid for a few, but oh well you live you learn.  So I had 1 more DVD to buy to meet my fulfillment.  I purchases it on Sept 18.  I received it within a week, no problem.  I ordered it online and they have my credit card info on file, so I just charged to my credit card.  Now I don't scrutinize my statements, I look over them make sure theres nothing funny and go on with my day.  

So I get home to day and I have a bill from Columbia House.  I've never had a bill from them since I make all my purchases online and pay with my credit card.  There was also a $3 late fee.  SO I go through my account and all my emails from them and of course on the emails it doesn't say paid with Master card ending in XXXX like so many online stores do.  So I call them up get through the automated stuff and actually get a liver person fairly quickly, not one that spoke much english, but still a live person.  So I ask her three times why my card was not charged and she gives me the oh, well sometimes theres a delay in our system blah blah I'll take the late charge off, sorry about the inconveince.  That still does not answer my question, but I don't really care anymore, I know she really has no idea why the 10 other times I ordered I was charged within a few days but this time they decided to wait a month and a half then send me a late bill.  

There was no other notice of a bill beforehand, so thats kind of shady, I can understand sending out a bill and then when its not paid tacking on a late fee, but I technically never got a bill in the first place, I assumed that my card is charged shortly after the transaction has taken place just like very single other online merchant.

Also, after all that she tries to sell me on their special of buy one get one 50% or something, yeah no thanks!!


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