L (riftwarrior) wrote in bad_service,

Dear Gordito Burrito person,

I'm sorry you have to be up at 4 or 5 AM each morning to get your little shop ready so you can make breakfast burritos for us college students.

I'm sorry that, being that many of us with early classes don't have the time to sit around and eat at home before we have to wade through anywhere from 30-90 minutes of traffic in an effort to get to class, there's so many of us that have ordered, or are waiting to order.

I'm sorry that I, one of these college students who is currently carrying a heavy as hell bookbag along with a laptop in order to get some computer related schoolwork done, decided to pay with cash that had been hastily crammed into my jean pocket and was therefore very badly wadded up.

I am NOT sorry however that before I could even think of smoothing it out for you, because I know how annoying it is to deal with wadded up money because it wastes time, you were barking at me and shoving your hand out for me to pay.

I am NOT sorry that I handed you those wadded bills figuring you'd rather deal with smoothing them out yourself rather than waiting for me to do it.

I am very much NOT sorry that you in your bitchiness decided to snap at me "Next time I would PREFER if you SRAIGHTENED THEM OUT".

Furthermore, I take it back about all the things I was sorry about, because it's not MY fault that you're a dumb and cranky bitch stuck working at godawful hours of the morning in a deadend career choice of working for a food court in the student union of my school. Something shitty might have happened in your life recently to make you so irritable, but I was trying to be cheerful and pleasant, despite the fact that I was hungry, exhausted, carrying around 30+ lbs of books and computer, and had to get to class so I could have the wide and wonderful world of physics equations forcibly crammed into my brain. You know that I am nice and a good customer, because I don't complain and don't act rudely when I order... yet every other time I go to your little burrito stand and your sour ass is working there, it's the same damn thing, and every other time you are fortunately in the back keeping your bitchiness to yourself.

Oh, what's this? A comment card where I can take an online survey and tell about the service I receive at your location? DON'T MIND IF I DO.


PS. For the record, this happened on Thursday.
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