Silly Sprint people

I want to change to sprint so I contacted them via phone.

Here’s what happened and why

Them: you can join for 200.00
Me: that’s a lot of money your site says 80.00.
Them:200.00 isn’t money
Me: excuse me? You’re saying two hundred dollars right?
Them: no ma’am
Me: then what are you saying?
Them: ma’am I’m saying to join you need to pay 200.00.
Me: so you are saying I must pay two hundred dollars to join.
Them: no 200.00 is not money

I finally just hung up but can anybody here please help 200.00 written out two hundred dollars is money right?
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Well,  I unofficially long my last non - grapevine tested  and advice from Facebook nurses and things.  Add it id's , it is. I'm going to harshly wish mid the Medical asvice Eustis. Fun.


HOA Woes

So I live in an HOA. Back in December, our mailbox was hit twice and we had to fix it to the tune of $150 because our HOA use uniform mailboxes.

In order to try and minimize this happening again, I called and asked the property managers if we could put reflective tape on the box to make it more visible. I was told that was fine. Eventually, I received an email saying it should be small stickers. The person may have meant 'a' small sticker, but she wasn't very clear. So my husband put the tape in a dotted line around the box because one small piece of tape wasn't very visible. We had also checked the covenants and there was nothing in there about placing something on the mailbox, just to keep the box in 'good condition'. Anyway, March comes around and we get a violation letter about the mailbox saying to remove the stickers as well as some other issues. I try and call/email the office, trying to find out what we can do instead and again mentioning that one small piece of tape isn't very visible. I hear a lot of nothing.

I keep records of every call and email. I get no response. For months. I receive another letter. Some of the violations we tell them we will take care of at the end of summer due to money issues. One is dealing with our trash can not being in 'an enclosure' that needs to be built. I just pull the can into my garage.

We receive another letter in August, not mentioning at all that we've tried to contact them or that the trash can is no longer outside except on trash collection day. I'm livid. There is a Facebook group for my HOA and I post a couple times about the issues I've been having getting any kind of response from them and ask for general advice. Fast forward to last Friday.

I receive a call from the HOA GM, yelling and berating me for my Facebook posts, accusing me of 'cyberbullying' her staff, and saying that she has contacted their legal counsel about the posts. I was at work at the time teaching a class. I have to step out and call my husband in tears. I've never been talked to like that, especially from a so-called professional.

We're currently trying to deal with this by contacting the board members, especially as I've been told this GM has a history of bullying her staff and others. So far, we've heard nothing from the board.
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Doctor Bad Service

An update to my situation with a whole new bit of doctor bad service.

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To be honest, the previous doctor didn't believe me about my pain level. I didn't much like her, but she was the only one my previous insurance covered. So I'm not entirely surprised she missed it. But still.
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Insurance and Doctor bad service

No one is probably here, but I need a place to get this all out. I'm so angry, and I need to move on with my day, and I don't think I can do that until I've had my rant.

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So the surgery was scheduled for today. We get a call last night from the doctor's assistant saying that we're going to have to reschedule because the insurance is suddenly requesting new authorization from my primary care doctor. She says she'll take care of it and let us know as soon as the surgery is authorized.

So I call my insurance today just to verify what happened. They claim that she only asked for authorization yesterday (she says they originally gave authorization several weeks ago). They also say that my doctor, who I've been seeing for months, and whose services they've covered (my last appointment was two weeks ago) is suddenly out of network. So even with the PCP authorization, they may not authorize the surgery.

So bad service and failure all around. I'm so angry. This surgery is my last option (well, I could cut it all out, but they wouldn't cover that either). I can't deal with this pain anymore (especially because neither my PCP nor my other doctor will prescribe pain pills, which is another bit of bad service). I was ready for this solution, and now it has been stolen from me. I don't even know what to do.

McDonald's wtf

I took my kid to mcdonalds. I had promised and i am a good mommy so i took my kid to mcdonalds.

We stood in line to wait our turn.

When it was our turn we ordered. 10 piece for me with fries and a coke.

I asked my kid what they wanted. They wanted a"adult" meal. (Not a happy or mighty kids) they are 6.

So they picked a ten piece 2 with fries and a coke. Guess they want 2 be like mommy!

We are charged 4 both meals.

But when our food is ready it is my meal and a happy meal.

I said No two #7s

The person that takes our order said yes but she knew i meant happy meal.

No i say we want two #7s.

Person says happy meals are for kids and you(me) have a kid.

I said yes i do but they want a meal like mine.

Person smiles and hands me the happy meal and my order.

I said we ordered two #7s.

Person says kids eat happy meals. Kids like happy meals.

I say i dont care. I want my real order.

Person gets manager and says im abusing my kid.

I say person wont give me my real order.

Manager asks for my reciept to see what i order.

I show them.

Manager leave and come back with my real order.

Not so great service from Michael's.

I signed up to attend a jewelry-making class at a local Michael's store. When I got there, there was no record of me signing up, even though I received confirmation emails telling me everything was set. Two days ago, I was sent an email which informed me that class was almost in session, so I know my registration went through. Someone called the instructor and straightened it out, so that was good, at least.

I'm still not quite pleased, though. The store REALLY did not allot enough time for this project, and I didn't get to finish any of the jewelry I was supposed to be able to make in the time provided. I was working at a decent speed, too. The instructor told me to finish it at home, but I never made a single piece of jewelry before today, and I wasn't given any written instructions explaining how to do that. The whole reason people attend classes is to learn something they haven't done before that they need guidance from a teacher to do. I feel like I wasted my time and money.
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We all know about those free trials where they take your credit card info and then charge you at the end of the trial if you don't cancel. But generally you have to choose to get the trial, right? And give them your info?

Well, I was just charged at the end of a free trial for Prime given to me by Amazon on my Kindle without being asked for it or given the option even to say no. And I never gave them my info for that trial, they just took my credit card from my Amazon file, which I'd never used on my Kindle.

I'm pretty sure that's illegal? At least the not giving the person the option to say no to your free trial or telling them it will happen before you give them the product?

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A letter to the CEO of T-Mobile. I've left out how rude the local store was when I came in without the text that T-Mobile was supposed to send. I never got a text but called the customer service to double check before coming into the store. Lady copped an attitude that I should've waited for the text (they likely sent it to the line of the phone which wouldn't boot, lol), but another person found the phone in the back room. I feel this is minor in comparison to my real complaint (T-Mobile not honouring what it's representative said), and didn't want to detract from it.
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Feel free to give constructive criticism.

I need coffee, but not this badly

So, I've decided not to visit my local Costa Coffee again. Which is a shame, as out of the Unholy Trinity, theirs is the only actual coffee that I like.

A while ago, while I was waiting in line, the barista behind the counter served the person in front of me, and then started chatting to their friend who was in the queue behind me. They went do far as to take their friend's order ahead of mine, which is remarkably unBritish!

More recently, another barista decided to chat to her friend who was having a coffee, rather than take my order. Her colleague who was evidently on the "make drinks" side of things that evening couldn't take the two steps over to the counter so that she wouldn't have to interrupt her conversation, and just stood there. In this situation, my boyfriend and I tend to play a little game based on "Diner Dash", and start a countdown to imaginary "patience hearts" popping. Three out of the standard five went before she finally deigned to take my order.

This morning really took the biscuit. I placed a roll on the counter to be heated, and requested it to go. When asked if I wanted a drink, I asked for an iced hazelnut latte (unless there's snow on the ground, I'll have an iced drink - hot drinks tend to make me sleepy). She rattled it off to the other barista (the one who couldn't walk in my previous visit) and took my money.

Then I saw her colleague start to assemble a hot drink. I said, "If that's for me, it's supposed to be an iced latte." This was not an unreasonable assumption, as there was no-one ahead of me in the queue. HE just laughed me off and continued to make the hot drink. When he put it down in front of me, I shook my head and said (slightly shortly) "I did say that it was supposed to be iced!" He got very defensive and made another, all the while with body language implying that I was being awkward.

I'll excuse a genuine error, but not when someone ignores an attempt to correct one. From now on I'll stick to the Tassimo capsules if I'm at home!
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