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You know, I think that should have been free...

So, my friend and I ordered pizza last night from Pizza Hut. We placed the order at about 6:30pm, with a delivery time given of 7:05PM. Well, that time came and went. I figured that since it was a Saturday night, they might be really busy, so I gave them some more time.

After twenty minutes, though, I called their customer service line just so I'd: a) know where it was; b) get a time on when it would be delivered. Ten minutes on hold later, I got someone. They couldn't pull up my order nor could they get a hold of the store – she said that they weren't answering the phone. She explained that it's been a very busy night, so I should just wait and give them a little bit longer. I thanked her, hung up, and waited some more.

An hour after it was supposed to be there, I got fed up and called again. This time, I spent nearly forty minutes on hold, listening to the same annoying loop of advertising ad nauseum, before someone picked up. The guy was super helpful, he pulled up my order, said that it was unacceptable that it had taken this long, and that my order was in the system and hadn't moved. He got a hold of the store, then put me through to the store.

So, why didn't I get my order? Turns out, according to the lady at the store, that they had cancelled my order and not told me that they had done so because one of their delivery drivers said my address wasn't in their delivery area. Now, that's BS as I've ordered from that location before with no issue. She said she could reorder my order and we'd get it in half and hour and we'd get a discount.

Pizza finally arrived at 9:30PM. We got our discount, but honestly at that point? I really think that it should have been free.
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They should have given you TWO free pizzas for all the trouble. Or at least coupons for the future.
My dad said that it should've definitely been free when I told him about it. Like, they really should have done something to make up for it. :/
It would have been faster to make your pizza from scratch.
I don't understand why you didn't call the store directly in the first place? Regardless, you're right, I think the pizza should have been free.
I would've called directly, but the phone number listed both on my order confirmation and online is only the one for customer service reps. I had to call them to get redirected to the actual store's line.
I'm not sure I understand? I don't order online and call the store's number to place orders. If I look up the store's physical location it also gives a phone number... but maybe I'm misreading this, lol.
I ordered it online. I looked up the store's physical location, but the only number I could find was the same one listed on the confirmation – which directed me to their customer service centre, for lack of a better description.
Some local store numbers route you to a call center that isn't actually the local store.
Email corporate and I guarantee they'll comp you something. You definitely deserve more than a discount for that awful service!


December 12 2016, 08:24:31 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  December 12 2016, 08:25:06 UTC

I swear, Pizza Hut as a company have been sliding lately. Last time we ordered from our local one, it took two hours for our food to arrive, and the operators were very short with us when we were calling for an update. They were very condescending in explaining to us that they have to cook the pizza and then drive it out to us (except it doesn't take two hours to cook a pizza and we live about 10 minutes drive from the restaurant). When it arrived, it was burned.
Haven't ordered from them since (we've since discovered the frozen food shop Iceland sell a kick-arse stuffed crust frozen pizza for £2 that tastes about the same as Pizza Hut).

I echo the calls to email corporate. That service was unacceptable and you deserve more than a discount. Did you pay over the phone for the pizza or was it pay-on-delivery?
It was pay upon delivery. And I'm planning to email corporate about this.
The last time we ordered from them we got the white sauce and apparently that's not overly popular because it had turned and we both got food poisoning.
My favourite pizza EVER, I'm talking 'prefer it over Pizza Hut and Dominos) is £1.50 from Iceland!
oh for fuck's sake
I once had pizzahut cancel my order because they said nobody answered the door. We were having a game night and the gaming table is right in front of the door. If we open the door, anyone standing there can see every single person sitting at the table as well as what is on, that is how close it is. Unless they breathed on the door and called it a knock, they went to the wrong place. No apology or offer of a discount. We ended up going to a local pizza place and taking it to go back to the house.
I gave up on Pizza Hut awhile back. The one closest to where I used to live had all sorts of weird rules for delivering, once they said they weren't delivering because it had rained and the roads were wet. Ooookay. Finally, the quality of that location went south, so I just stopped ordering from there entirely, the only good location is about 10 minutes away and they don't do delivery except to the hotels, and seem to do the best business out of all them even though they're in a retail area where people have tons of choices. That says something. Oddly enough, we live in a college area now (2 colleges within walking distance) and the other two subpar Pizza Huts won't deliver here, which is their loss because we have 2 chains and 3 local places that will.
k. The one closest to where I used to live had all sorts of weird rules for delivering, once they said they weren't delivering because it had rained and the roads were wet. Ooookay.

Sounds to me like you were being blown off! Was it near closing? I'm wondering if they just didn't want to bother and came up with that BS excuse.
No, it was about 2-3 hours beforehand! I honestly think they hired delivery drivers who just didn't want to work.