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Frontier Communications

I've been having a lot of trouble connecting to the internet with my laptop. I tried lots of different fixes, and nothing worked. So I finally called Frontier, our internet provider, on Thursday September 29th. They have me run a few tests and determine I need a new modem. The tech I'm talking to says it should arrive Monday the 3rd. Great! Problem solved. Or so I thought.

Monday rolls around, no modem. I call Frontier, and the person says delivery can take 3-5 days. Give it a couple more days.

Wednesday the 5th comes, still no modem. I call again. I find out that their department who tracks packages is in Florida, and they are being evacuated as I was speaking due to the hurricane. They ask me to call back the next day. (Note, this is not bad service as they cannot control the weather.)

Thursday I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere. The guy I speak with says it doesn't look like a modem was ever mailed out (WTF?!), but he'll overnight me one, and it should arrive Friday or Saturday at the latest.

It's now Saturday, and guess what? Yep, no modem. So I will be calling them tomorrow. Again. Sigh. At least last time the guy gave me the number for his direct line so I won't be talking to a new person this time.
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I've heard nothing but horrible things about Frontier, and I actually have their service for my internet because Brighthouse is spotty and terrible and I couldn't game with it. It took over a week late on a schedule just to get my internet installed.

It really sucks because I know someone who works at one of their call centers, and she says she gets nothing but angry customers every other call that take it out on her.
Gooood we have them, since they bought out our area. And they're the only internet provider and they're horrendous. Verizon wasn't amazing, and we're stuck on the worst DSL with messed up cables. But we've had nothing but trouble since Frontier came in. If there was any other option, we'd switch in a heartbeat. So glad to know that if we ever need our modem replace it'll be like pulling teeth :/
You have my utmost sympathy.
This is pretty rough, but I will say that a lot of people don't seem to realize that Saturday delivery from FedEx etc is a special and expensive service and if you overnight Friday or two-day Thursday, it'll come Monday. But really if part of your job is making things to customers, I'd hope you knew that.

What ended up happening