thisthislife (thisthislife) wrote in bad_service,

Restaurant WTF verging on bad service

My husband and I went out to a pan-Asian restaurant that he had never been to before. When he was looking at the menu he saw something he wanted and said he would rather have noodles with it than rice. I pointed out to him that he could just substitute noodles for rice, since rice doesn't actually come with any of the dishes but is $1.50 extra. When the staff takes your order, they try to make it seem like the rice is free by asking if you want white or brown rice instead of if you just want rice at all, but then on the bill you are charged for rice.

The waitress took our order and my husband ordered first. The menu's side dish description read "Steamed rice or noodles." My husband ordered "Steamed noodles" (thinking the description "steamed" was for both the rice and the noodles) and the waitress acted completely confused, repeating, "STEAMED noodles?!?" as if she had no idea that he just wanted regular noodles. Then I ordered my own dish with noodles.

The waitress was apparently very new because she looked nervous and like she didn't know what to do the whole night. She brought the wrong appetizers to our table, which were actually meant for a different table. But whatever. The service was also incredibly slow. Several tables were full and as we looked around, we noticed only one of the tables actually had food.

When our meals finally came out, a different staff member delivered them. I noticed that there was only one portion of noodles. The following dialog is where the suck comes in:

Me: We both wanted noodles. Are these noodles for both of us?
Her: No. Yours comes with noodles. (turning to husband) Do you want white or brown rice?
Me: We both wanted noo-

My husband decided to just order rice instead of trying to clarify that he wanted noodles as well.

Maybe this doesn't seem like a huge suck but on top of the incredibly slow service and shortness of staff, I really didn't appreciate her interrupting me when I was trying to clarify the order and insisting that my husband couldn't have noodles for some reason.
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