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Did we forget how to respect our elders?

Witnessed this in Walmart today:

There was a customer in a scooter, which broke. The customer was handicapped and also suffered from Parkinson's disease. (I heard her mention it)

When it was requested that someone get her a new scooter, the employee sighed, rolled his eyes and threw his hands in the air as he stormed off to (allegedly) try and get help. After about 5 minutes he returned and with the same nasty attitude said that he would have to go to the front of the store to get her a new one. He was VERY nasty to this lady and made her visibly uncomfortable.

Eventually, two managers came to get her what she needed. This guy was rude, nasty and deplorable to this woman. I felt so bad for her because she was scared about being on a broken scooter and she was shopping by herself. There was a person doing a demo staying with her so she wouldn't be alone, but this man was so horrible that it made me wonder how people can get away with such behavior.

UPDATE: I called corporate to report this and they said the situation would be taken care of.

Letter from corporate:

Thank you for taking time to contact us ,we do apologize for the inconveniences ,we will take your complain for serious and we will let the store manager know about these issues and we will work to approve the customer service in that store

Again thank you for contacting us.

Wal-Mart Customer Care

Dental B_S

I was at the dentist to get a filling done today.  I'm a freak of nature and the local anesthetic did fuck all, so they were unable to help me and I now need to find somebody to do it while sedating me.

That's not my issue, though.  The thing is, I'm phobia-level terrified of needles.  I've had to have people pin me down so I could get vaccinated.  And even though I had taken three times my usual dose of Ativan to calm myself down for this, I still wasn't happy about getting a needle shoved into my mouth.

When I asked the dentist not to warn me when the needle was coming--if I know when, it gives me time to tense up and/or pull away--, he responded with, Just put your damned big girl panties on.

Just... wow.

Bonus shittiness comes from the fact that I'm FtM and just don't pass worth shit.  Misogyny + misgendering = fuck you, pal.

I'm kinda thankful I have to find a different dentist to do my work now.

The continuing saga of the courses

So this is a follow-up to this complaint.

After all of the issues I had, I was finally able to get registered for the course I need. Unfortunately, when I received confirmation it was for all four days of the course, rather than the one I signed up for, and there was no invoice provided, so I am understandably concerned that they are going to try an overcharge me.

See, the way the course is being offered, it's listed as $1000 for all four days or $250 for only one. I received permission from my manager to take the one day (the Tuesday) and after I signed up the course providers proceeded to hassle me in an attempt to get me to sign up for all four days. I thought I had made it clear to them that I was only able to take the one day and that I was not available for the other days of the course (I'm also on language training at the same time so my time is seriously limited).

So when I received the confirmation and saw the dates listed, I immediately emailed them back requesting that they send a copy of the invoice. This is the response I got:

"An invoice has already been generated, and you should have received it. Have you received an email from Company with the invoice?"

Now I have to remain professional here because I'm not only representing myself, but my Department as well, so I wasn't able to reply as I really, really wanted to. If it wasn't for the fact that we need the product that Company makes, I would be advising my superiors to cut all ties with them at this point, because they are clearly morons.

UPDATE: Well the invoice came in and I've been asking around. Apparently this kind of incompetence is SOP for these people and all emails must be sent in clear, obvious language as if we're speaking with children. ... Honestly, I will be very happy if I never have to deal with these people ever again.

RV repair... not so repaired

About a month ago now my wife and I bought an old RV from a guy on Craigslist. Being old, and since we have heavy plans for it, we took it to Poulsbo RV to get inspected and potentially repaired. We ended up paying $2700 for the inspection and repairs - more than I'd been thinking, but not totally out there. But the entire three weeks or so it was in the shop, we had little to no contact from them. Every piece of information we got was because WE contacted THEM and asked for an update, so I get the feeling if we'd let them lead the conversation, we'd never have actually moved on to what needed to be repaired.

So the lack of contact was bad enough, and we had decided we weren't going to use that place any more. But then, the day after we brought the RV home, it wouldn't start. Turn the key, click. Okay, so maybe the battery drained somehow? We buy a jump box, which wasn't a bad plan to have in the first place - but that makes no difference. Tonight we had roadside assistance come by to give us a jump and check it out, just in case we did something wrong.

After about ten minutes of attempting a jump and inspecting, the VERY nice and helpful towtruck driver points out the problem - the grounding strap attached to the starter is frayed, rusted and broken. As in very old, should have been replaced, definitely should have been caught in the inspection... ESPECIALLY because the sole time we were contacted by Poulsbo RV was to say they couldn't finish the inspection because the starter was dead, and we authorized a replacement.

Because I am not such a car person, here is a simple explanation: They replaced the starter that they said was dead. The grounding strap is attached to the starter. This means that they not only had to look at it, they had to TOUCH, MOVE and ATTACH the grounding strap to the new starter. The obviously old, frayed, nearly dead grounding strap. I'm beginning to suspect the starter wasn't dead in the first place.

Tomorrow we plan on demanding they pay for a tow back to their shop, a free grounding strap replacement, and to have it back on Wednesday when we can pick it up.

The day I boycotted a charity shop

My mum and I had to pick a few things up from town today and thought we'd do a charity shop run while we were there, as it had been a while since we had a mooch.

All was well until we headed to the one right at the bottom of the street. This is the one I like the least, because I find the manager to be quite rude. He usually stands outside the door smoking, ignores customers (he's done it to me, and I've heard others say the same, and seen him do it to others too) and when he's serving, he's just rude and makes no effort to really engage the customer.

Today took the absolute piss. I was browsing near the till and happened to see him serving not one, not two, but three separate customers in a row. This isn't the suck, obviously. Nope, the suck is the fact that he never engaged any of them because he was too busy talking to his friend on his mobile phone. I can't recall the exact conversation, but the way he was talking, and the subject at the time, made it seem pretty clear that it was a personal phone call and not a professional one. He never even acknowledged his customers. At one point he even turned his head to talk some more to whoever was on the other end of that phone call.

I was livid, but I didn't want to cause a scene so I went over to my mum who was looking at the book section right at the opposite end of the shop.

"Can we go somewhere else?" I asked.

So we got out of there and I told her what had happened. I'm boycotting that shop from now on. I know it's a charity shop but fuck that shit. You shouldn't treat your customers like that. It's rude and I am making a stand.

Cold Caller Assholery

Dear cold caller lady,

You rang me. You asked for someone who hasn't lived here for at least five years, and won't be returning because she was convicted of criminal charges and imprisoned. We don't know her - never met her. We bought the house from the people who lived here after her.

So when I tell you this, what the fuck possessed you, person who is trying to sell something, to interrupt me with blah, blah, blah, blah, blah... As if I were boring you, in a completely childish manner. You, madam, are an utter toad. I do not regret hanging up the phone on you mid sales pitch, at all.

No love at all,


Dear other asshole at the same company,

This is how not to conduct a phone sale:

*ring ring*
Mother: Hello?
Him: Can I speak with Mrs Parkinson, please?
Mother: Nobody lives here by that name. Please don't call again. Goodbye.
*hangs up*

Ten seconds later:
*ring ring*
Mother: Hallo?
Him: I would like to offer you the same deal as Mrs Parkinson -
Mother: No, thank you. Do not call again. Bye.
*hangs up*

Ten seconds later:
Him: I'm offering you a good deal here, listen to me, [insert rest of sales pitch]
Mother: *hangs up phone*

Cut that shit out,

Mother of me.

*Also, I don't know who this company is and I need to try to block them, because they keep calling. There's been several people phoning but they all speak with 'Indian' accents (IDK how to describe it but it's the only common link between them) but they are utter assholes. They call back as soon as you hang up, they use different numbers so as soon as you block one, they use another, and they only ever want to speak to someone who's not been here for five years.

Feb. 9th, 2015

So I work for an office with two departments in it. I am with Department A and the other is Department B. We (Department A) use a specialized program to do our work and it's been decided that I am to be the back up administrator for said program (in case our Administrator is away from the office). So I sign up for the course, making it clear that I work for Department A and the following conversations ensue:

Conversations with people who can't computeCollapse )

I just cannot even begin to grasp what is going on here. The same conversation three times, the same clarification made all three times. I'm really not sure what I'm doing wrong here and how to rectify it. ... not that it matters since I can't take the course now and therefore I can't properly do my job. Thankfully my boss is very understanding.
I'll start by saying I suffer from chronic depression. I have medicine that works, and am working on two big issues with my therapist: trust of mental health professionals (I've been fucked over by them since I was 16, of course all with the BEST of intentions (link goes to bad_service entry), I'm sure), and housecleaning. The latter is just run-of-the-mill Daddy issues; he was a neat freak, I'm not, clash, etc.

Husband got hit with situational (acute) depression last year that he was seeing a therapist for as well. The sessions weren’t working very well, and we thought if we had a joint session it would help us get on the same page as to what each therapist was hearing from us individually. I really dreaded this as I expected it would be a pile-on me and my issues.

The session went GREAT.Collapse )

TL;DR: had a joint therapy session with my husband, mentioned we had a messy house and don't bathe our kids every day, therapists called Child Protective Services on us (who didn't open a case), and their stories about why they called don't match, so we no longer trust them

Feb. 4th, 2015

I have lost absolutely all hope in my doctor.

Putting behind cut, as is long and refers to miscarriageCollapse )

TLDR; my doctor made me cry, then made me think I was two seconds from dying from a condition I didn't have, during a time where I was pumped full of pregnancy hormones and heartbroken at the thought of losing my baby. He had no sympathy, no empathy, and misdiagnosed me with a deadly condition that I didn't have. This has been an incredibly emotionally difficult time and this entire situation made it that much worse.

(I will be reporting him, and changing doctors.)

I told you yes, you heard no

I'm a trainee teacher (qualified to teach extra curricular, but I won't get my National Curriculum qualification until March) so I currently work as a supply (substitute) teacher through a few agencies. Each agency uses a payroll company to transfer money from the schools to me. One company is pretty great, the other...

To be fair, I didn't want them as my payroll company in the first place- their head office is in Guernsey, which means they are engaging in tax evasion. The agency insisted I use them instead of the good one with whom I was already registered. I did try to change it over, but with no luck.

I was under the assumption that this particular agency would only work with this one payroll company, and they got me a fair bit of work last year. So when the payroll company got in touch to ask me if I was still available for work and if I wanted to keep my account active, I said yes. I wrote back and told them that my lack of work through this particular agency over the last few months has been due to bad timing (clashes with other agency work) and one annoying school that cancelled on me at the last minute (I was literally about to walk out the door when the agency called). I thought that was that.

Two weeks later (earlier this week), I got another email telling me that if I did not get in contact (which I already had), they would send out a P45*. I wrote back and said I had already been in contact and repeated what I said in the first email. Again, I thought that was that.

This morning, what should arrive in the mail? A P45.

What the actual-? Why ask a question if you're not going to acknowledge the answer?!

On the plus side, I had a moan to the agency and they are allowing me to get paid through the payroll company that I originally wanted. I emailed the company that sent me the P45 and told them (politely) where to stick it and that I will be taking my business elsewhere.

*for those wondering, a P45 is the form a company sends you upon termination of employment contract (through quitting or firing) with a declaration of earnings and tax contributions. This form is used to submit to new employment, the jobcentre if you're to claim benefits or to be declared on your Self Assessment tax return if you're self employed (like myself).

(good) follow-up

To this minor debacle

So day after I send an email to this lovely campus bookstore, I receive the next invoice saying my order has been fulfilled.

Okay, um, I already ordered a new book, and there's still no indication of where the book actualy IS or how I can get ahold of it. So, too little too late, B&N. I told them this -- don't need it, want a refund.

And later I received -- an apology.

Well, okay, bit of a non-apology ("sorry our services were not acceptable to you, blah blah blah"). But still. Fine.

I was, however, much more pleased about the refund confirmation.

So I guess the bad service was wasting my time with dead-end after dead-end, telling me they couldn't fix something they have since proven to me could be fixed within day, and facilitating my being consumed with anxiety for about a week. But it was resolved, all is good, but I still will avoid dealing with this system for the rest of my time here, which thankfully isn't long.

Bad service turned...acceptable, then?

Partly my fault, partly his...

Signed up as soon as I moved for renter's insurance with State Farm. Someone recommended them and I haven't had a bad experience until now.

In January my Canadian auto insurance was expiring, and they refused (understandably) to renew the contract with the car primarily in the USA, so I bought insurance for auto with State Farm. They'd been awesome enough with the renter's policy. Since it was in the middle of January when I signed up, I asked my representative if the bill would be due this month or next? (Seeing as it was already after my regular bill due date for the month). He told me he could make it due on February 8th, awesome! However, because of the plan I'm on I'd have to pay two months together. Okay, no problem. I can swing that. I asked him several times during the call for a price estimate, as I wanted to make sure I'd be on budget -- if it was a few dollars off no harm, y'know?-- and several times he responded that it'd be $X (about two months premiums). I know I confirmed it several times because of budgeting, and I even wrote his figure down on my calendar (where I write all my bill information).

Cue me getting the bill just this past weekend to find out the bill is three times the monthly rate. UH. WHAT?!

Guess it's my fault I misunderstood him, but when I asked several times in the phone call to confirm the bill would be $X (two months premiums) and he said back to me, "yes, the bill will be $X (about two months premiums)" I expected to be able to trust him. Silly me! I could understand being a few bucks off, or not having the exact amount, but to not have told me it'd really be three months premiums... ugh. Makes me feel sick. I don't know how I could've asked any clearer to have avoided this MASSIVE misunderstanding :(

The only way to solve this and possibly fix this/my budget is to "sign up for their automatic payment plan!" which they were pushing pretty heavily on the phone, and I'm reluctant to do because I've heard so many horror stories of companies taking out too much, taking it out too early, etc, etc. (It solves it because I'd only have to pay two months like originally quoted, not three, if I sign up for the automatic plan.)

So, Campus Bookstores...

I always considered myself lucky enough to never have had service bad enough to post here, but here I am. Hell, maybe this isn't even bad enough. I'm just frustrated and poor.

Gather around friends and let me tell you a tale of the NMSU Bookstore (a tale of woe).
I've gone to this place for four years, I should know betterCollapse )

I eventually just caved and ordered from Amazon, like I should have done from the very beginning. So now I have to file a claim with PayPal and try and get my money back, which I'm not even sure I'll be able to do. Fingers crossed?

tl;dr I pay a ridiculous amount of money for a textbook and after two weeks of waiting and 3 hours of bullshit I realize I'm not getting what I paid for, like, ever.
College is great. The end.

edited because weird spacing
Dear University Registry Office:

It's fantastic that you have a queuing system now on your phone lines, so people can wait instead of being hung up on, and it's such an awesome system that if you wait more than thirty seconds, you get an answer phone message and redirected to the website. It would be even more fucking awesome if a) SOMEONE WOULD PICK UP THE PHONE or b) IF YOU ACTUALLY ANSWERED YOUR MESSAGES.

I've been trying  to get hold of someone in the academic registry and nobody ever picks up the phone. Ever. Period. I try different times of day, I try different phones to see if it's just my house phone - nothing. I leave a message. Nobody ever gets back to me. I send my query in via email. BIG EMPTY NOTHING OF A RESPONSE. This is not new. Every time I've tried to get hold of you via phone or email for the last /year/, you guys are as contactable as a brick wall.

The only way I'd get you to pay attention to me would be to run into you, at full tilt. I'd do that but I'm currently five hours driving way from Bangor university and I'm not driving this far to remind you that phones exist and how to use them. Unfortunately, I'm taking a year out, so I have no access to university emails, or the intranet that current students would have.

Seriously no love,


Cable company blatantly lied for a profit.

About a year ago my mom cancelled the DVR service from her cable package to save money. All it took to do this was a call to the company and they just flipped a switch, no service appointment or cable box change necessary. Last week, she decided she wanted to reinstate it since she was doing better financially. So, she placed a call to the company (Cox cable, fo the record,) and she was told in order to get DVR service back, she would: 1)need to arrange for a technician to come to the house (at a price, of course), 2) get a new box (at a cost of $85), AND she would need to upgrade her cable TV plan to their new "Contour" bundle, which would cost her an extra $65/month.

Now, my mom is 63 and ESL, and although her english is amazing, she is terrible with technology, and can have a hard time grasping conversations about electronics when not speaking spanish. She later told me she was very confused and felt extremely pressured and worn down by the Cox tech.

Of course, all of what he told her is complete bullshit - all that is required to restart a DVR is a phone call and an agreement to the increase in the monthly bundle. After she told me all of this I called, spoke to a supervisor, and threatened to pursue a lawsuit involving their company swindling an older, latina woman. They apologized, and have since comped my mom with 6 months of DVR for no charge, but I'm still furious. The tech she spoke to obviously wasn't acting on his own, which means Cox is instructing their service reps to lie to customers, which is despicable.

All I wanted for Christmas was a winter coat

A combination of bad service from UPS and Old Navy that in tandem made this the most ridiculous online purchase I have ever had.

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Oh TD bank...

Most recent update: Sorry I deleted the letter because it ended up being no longer relevant or needed as a simple tweet to TD Bank got me a call from the ROO. I was allowed to explain my story in full and they assured me that 1) they'd make sure it was shredded, 2) they'd make sure it never happened again 3) they'd talk to and retrain the manager and associate. I'm expecting a call back tonight or tomorrow saying that it was 100% guaranteed shredded.

So December 21 I decide to go into the local TDbank (with my husband) and get added to his account. I go through filling out forms, signing, giving over sensitive information that banks are expected to have/handle carefully. At the end of the process I get told that it'll take 5-7 business days for me to get added. No worries, I'm not in a hurry I thought. So December 27th husband calls the bank to see if I've been added to the account (because I need to be added first before I can come in and get my card, no sense wasting time/gas driving to the bank if I'm not on it yet). He's told no, but if we just hold on they'll investigate (as they can't even find the scan in the system that's supposed to be done a reasonable time after you fill out the form. Form gets filled out and signed, scanned in and sent to an entirely different department but it can still be seen in the system so I'm told). He gets disconnected when he's put on hold and calls back. He explains his situation and they put him on hold to go look. Thirty minutes later, my husband decides that maybe it just needs the full seven days for whatever reason and we go do the things we need to get done on the weekend.

Boy, was he wrongCollapse )

UpdateCollapse )

A Game of Bad Service

On the 14th December George RR Martin announced on his livejournal that signed books could be bought through the Jean Cocteau Cinema website. As my husband is a massive fan I thought I'd buy him a signed copy of A Game of Thrones. However as I live in the UK when I looked into buying a copy it didn't work out international shipping. So I asked of GRRMs blog post about it. He replied with:

"International shipments are calculated after the books are purchased. The process is that 1.) they pay for the books, 2.) we get the notice when payment is received 3.) we confirm payment and send an invoice for shipping fees, 4.) They accept charges. 5.) we ship books which should arrive 5-14 days from date of purchase."

(Of course the fact he replied thrilled the hell out of me!)

So I went ahead and paid for the book via PayPal, and waited for the invoice for shipping. And waited. And waited. And nothing.

I didn't expect the book for Christmas, but I kind of figured I'd get the invoice for shipping fairly quickly. I put it down to being the holiday season, but after not hearing anything after New Years I sent the Jean Cocteau an email asking about my order. That was at the beginning of the week and I've not had any kind of reply. It's very disappointing tbh. I've checked their 'Now Showing' section and they've been showing films so it's not that they are shut.

I'd phone but that would be expensive, and I'm not sure it would help. At this point I still want the signed book, but if I don't hear anything soon I'm going to open a PayPal dispute. I

"Cleaning" Service

A few months ago I bought a house (woot) and needed to hire a cleaning company to clean the house I was renting after I moved out. So I looked on Angieslist and found a cleaning company with good reviews and it even had a "move out coupon" that listed everything they clean (including wiping down walls, cleaning shower doors and the tracks)

[tldr: I paid them to clean the house, but ended up having to do most of it myself]
I called, spoke with the owner "J", and told her I wanted the "move out special" where they cleaned walls and did deep cleaning. I told her that for about 2 months before moving out, I had been so busy with buying the house and renovating and everything else that I didn't really keep up with the cleaning as I should have so there were fingerprints on walls that needed to be removed. I called a week in advance, the first little red flag should have been when she asked to meet me that day to get the keys to the house. Heck no! I am not letting someone else have keys to the house for a whole week. I made an appointment to meet at 9am at the house for them to start cleaning (on a day after I moved all of my items out).  I get there at 8:30 to pick up the last few items I had in the garage.

She was about 25 minutes late. She asked me which rental company I used, I told her which company and that they sent me a list of everything that needed to be done. I set the list on the counter but she said she had done a lot of work for them before and she knows everything they ask to me done. She informed me she would not be doing the cleaning herself, she had to call her employee, who had been asleep, and ask her to come clean. J said "she'll be here shortly, she only lives up the street", and she left. She told me on the phone before that there would be 2 people cleaning and it would take "all day".

I waited over an hour for this other woman to show up. Which made me late for my appointment to meet with the contractor who had renovated my house. I was only gone about 3 hours before I went back to check on the progress. She was gone. The floors were wet, so I didn't want to go inside. 2 days later I had to go back to do yard work and meet the carpet cleaning company. I inspected everything, I noticed that the walls were not cleaned and neither was the master shower/shower doors,blinds not wiped down, cupboards not cleaned,water heater not wiped down, garage not swept and a few other small things. I called J to tell her what wasn't done. She said she "assumed" that the rental company was going to paint the walls and told her employee not do the walls. I had actually told her on the phone previously that I needed the walls washed because there were some fingerprints from my child.

I was going to be handing over the keys to the rental company the next day, so she needed to get it done that day. She made an appointment to come about 5:30pm, showed up after 6. Then her employees boyfriend showed up (her employee was on another job) and he looked ticked off. I told J that I will leave them to finish the job, I had to go get dinner for my child and put her to bed. Not even 5 minutes after I left, J called my phone. I picked up but the connection was bad. I called back but no answer. About 7:15pm I get back to the house and J is just sitting in the driveway while her 10yr old is running around. She said they had been done and she waited for me for over an hour. When she called me earlier, it was because they were done.

She sat in her car while I checked the inside. It looked like nothing had been done.She said "my daughter (the 10yr old) even helped with the walls". I said "You didn't wipe down the walls, I just went into the living room where there was a very noticable hand print that I mentioned to you earlier, I spit on my thumb and wiped it off easily myself." She laughed "Oh we must have missed it. Do you want me to call him back to finish". I said "No, it's fine, just go". I was visibly upset. I didn't have time to wait, it was getting late, I was tired, and I figured if I want something done right I'll just do it myself. I grabbed some Magic Erasers from my car and spent over an hour cleaning the walls/shower/shower doors/cupboards myself.

I left the review on Angieslist. I didn't bother trying to get any money back, I just wanted to be done with it. If I ever hire someone to do anything at my home, I know to be there and watch everything being done.

'professional' cleaning service.

it's been a while since I've been so frustrated at a company that I felt compelled to rant about it here.

this past week I received a coupon via email from a company called HandyBook for a two hour cleaning, $39. I've been feeling pretty bad the past several weeks and I have several stressful things going on, so I thought that this came at a perfect time so that my apartment could be professionally cleaned (just one less thing on the plate, you know?) before I begin this frustrating tale, let me say that I live in a 500 square foot apartment, so by no means is there some huge daunting task ahead of any of the cleaners, just some general 'spring cleaning' and deep down cleaning that I needed done.

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UPDATE 1/4: well what do ya know, they emailed me and cancelled on me tonight for tomorrow's booking. that's three cancellations in one week. then they had the audacity to just simply move my booking to Wednesday at noon without ever even discussing this date with me!! I don't have availability on this date. I called and cancelled everything and asked for all of my money back. what a complete joke of a company, I have never been so pissed at a company before. the level of ineptitude is mind boggling.

Dentist bad service

So this past weekend I had a filling fall out. So I made an emergency dentist appointment on Monday. When I got there, the dentist seemed rushed. Which I understand. She didn't want to numb me since there didn't need to be any drilling other than to shape the filling. I went with it even though it hurt. She seemed like she wasn't doing a thorough job and was rushing through, but I didn't say anything since it was a last minute appointment.

Big mistake. The new filling just fell out again. I'm pretty sure fillings are not supposed to fall out two days after it is put in. And of course, being that it is Christmas, I'm traveling and everything is closed. They better not try to charge me when I go in again when I get home.
When I quit my last job I knew that my insurance would end the last day I worked. I ran around and made sure I got all my meds before that happened. Or so I thought.

I get a bill from Aetna...for $200. It states that I got my meds on 3/5 and that my insurance ended 2/28 and due to their error they accepted it. Our bad! Now pay us $200 for our mistake! So what if it was over six months ago and that we accepted it back then. It's due on Christmas. Sucks to be you!

I checked with my pharmacy and they said yes I did pick it up on 3/5. I was sure I hadn't so I guess the error is on me, but had it cost me $200 straight up I would have just accepted it, been annoyed, but understood. I would have paid then and there. But to wait 10 months?! And it was an error on THEIR part. I think they should have just accepted the loss. Or am I wrong?

I'm so fed up with Greyhound. :(

Think what you will, but Greyhound has messed up.

We bought my fiance' a ticket to come out to visit for a month. That was in August when the ticket was purchased. The trip was scheduled for 24 September this year, and he was supposed to go back on the 29th of October. Well, the first snag happened when he didn't leave till late the 24th, when it was supposed to be early morning. Okay, fine. It's whatever. Shit happens. But, then they kept rerouting his ticket, every layover he had it was a new reroute. They took his luggage and didn't give him a claim check tag for it, which my fiance' hasn't traveled in YEARS and at a disgustingly early hour in the morning in a new state when he'd not slept, well, let's see how well YOU function on no sleep?

Anyway, so that was the first mistake, which Gimli (my fiance', not his real name, obviously) takes partial responsibility for that one. He's already been chewed enough by me for that.

Moving on.

So, we figured alright, maybe his luggage will catch up to him. It never did. Okay, but the reroutes were unnecessary, causing him to have to be on the bus for three days instead of just two.

They found one of his two bags toward the end of his visit here. Okay, fine. They couldn't give him a straight answer as to how to file a claim on the bag that was lost. He finally got a straight answer recently from someone who actually knows how to do their job right, so he's going to file that claim soon as he takes his daughter home in the next couple days.

When he got here, we stopped by the customer service desk to try to get things sorted, if they could change up his ticket so he could have time more to spend here since they botched the trip so horribly just to get him here. They comped the $15 fee to change the ticket - that's the good news - and he got to stay till the 6th of November. The trip overall - the visit - was amazing, we got engaged while he was here, and the trip back was uneventful. When he got back, he called corporate (at the urging of customer service here in my town the night he got here) and they are supposed to comp the ticket by half to apologize for their mess-ups.

Well, he was told that he couldn't sort that out, b/c the ticket was bought on my card. So, I had to be the one to call in and get it sorted, so they could get my card number so they could refund the money back to my card. Okay, great! Not a problem! Well, I call, get it situated, and we're promised 14-21 business days and the money will be on my card again. $119.25. To apologize for their epic failure.


Not so fast.

The 21st business day was last Monday. Still no money. I called and kept getting the run-around. My fiance' calls, and he finally gets someone who decides to research the issue and comes up with how the money is there, yes, but someone closed the claim by mistake. How the hell. . . . .?? So, she reopens the claim and I authorize my fiance' to call, too, b/c I chase a 1 year old around all day and don't have the time to call in everyday to bug them about where on earth the money is that they owe my card. She was very friendly and helpful, I'll grant her that much, but when we'd asked two reps before her to talk to a supervisor, they chose to goof off and tell us "well, we've e-mailed him . . . . . . ." No. You go find your sup on the floor and put him on the phone. It's that simple.

Fed up? Oh, yes.

The good news - the money's waiting to be on my card.

The bad news - they keep dicking around about putting it on my card.

I want my money. I want it when it was promised.

Next time, we're flying.

TRU Rant

Okay, so my nephew really wanted an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas and there were none to be found in my particular city. So I went onto the Toys R Us website and ordered that and an extra packet of cookie mix, and while I was at it, I got a Light Bright Magic Screen for my niece. Everything seemed to go just fine. TRU sent me an email confirming my order and informing me that they would not charge me until they delivered the item. On the 28th I get a second email telling me that they have delivered the two Easy Bake Oven items and that the Light Bright had been found in stock. A few days go by, the Oven is delivered and the website still has the Light Bright listed as "Located in stock". So I call their 1-800 number to ensure that there are no problems. After all, if the Light Bright is out of stock I need to pick up a different gift for my niece.

Short saga of the multiple phone calls -- cut for lengthCollapse )

UPDATE: So I called TRU to register a complaint (not that it'll do much, but it's the principal of the thing) and the lady I spoke with was very nice, but lo and behold! There was no record of my ever having called at any point. Just another sign that their staff have no clue what in the hell they are doing.

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