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The fan on my laptop has been making loud noises and needed repairing. I had no idea why it was doing it, and didn't know whether it was damaging my laptop. So I booked it in to the Curry's repair centre, Knowhow. I had to pay an initial fee of £50 and if it needed any new parts or they couldn't fix it for under £50, they'd ring me and let me know. I never got any phone call so was in high spirits. But with ne, nothing seems to run smoothly. And it happened again. Got the laptop back today, didn't have to pay any extra, thought to myself, this is running too smoothly, lol. Got it home. And it's still making that horrible noise.

The letter that came with it said that the laptop had been repaired successfully, that no parts needed to be ordered. But it didn't explain what they had actually done.

I can't fault the guys at the shop. They were lovely. But I am really annoyed at the repair centre and that I have spent £50 on a repair that never happened.

We're going back tomorrow to see if we can get it sent off again for free, or get my money back so we can get it repaired somewhere else. I paid £500 for it so it needs fixing.

Btw I realise I should have extended my warranty, but I didn't and that's my own fault. But It's wrong that I should pay £50 for nothing.

Apr. 16th, 2015

A couple short ones:

We went to Florida end of March for Disneyworld and Universal with the kiddos. My husband called Rogers before we left Canada to get a roaming package put on his phone. He chooses a $40 package that gives him cheap data and texts without the roaming charges.

We cross the border - and his phone just stops working. My work phone, which I put a roaming package on, switches to AT&T. My personal phone, which I did not put a roaming package on but wasn't planning on using much, switches to AT&T. His phone? No connection. No switch. Nothing.

He tries calling Rogers but his phone won't even let him do that. He basically had a very expensive paper weight for the duration of the trip. He could take photos, and would upload to facebook and whatever at the hotel by wifi each night, but couldn't use his phone at all. Which sucks for us, because we have us and two children to look after, if we lost each other at all we would have no way to get a hold of each other in the park.

So we got back, and he calls Rogers, and he was told that "Oh, some employee put a roaming block on your phone two years ago!" (My husband has never left the country except for now, so no clue why that was). So they let him put a roaming PACKAGE on, but never thought to tell him that there was a block on.

So they tell him, they will credit him back the $40 roaming package. My husband says, he wants 2 weeks free from his normal plan too, seeing as he wasn't able to use his plan AT ALL for 2 weeks.

The worker pipes up "Uhm, but you said you were able to use wifi, so that's using your plan.."


We laughed and explained that Wifi is not their plan, Wifi was given by the hotel and you could use any device without a plan with wifi, they can hardly take credit for that.

So we escalated it, and supervisor gave $35 off the monthly bill, which still isn't great, but we took it because we were headdesking at this point. Even she mentioned that he WAS able to use his phone on WIFI.

2. I ended up needing the emergency room in Florida. Now, I definitely feel for people wo can't afford care in the US. I'm lucky enough that my regular work benefits also provide 100% coverage for me and my family even on personal travel outside the country. So I called up my benefits, told them what hospital I was going to, they faxed over a letter saying I had 100% coverage for everything.

I got care, I went to leave, and the hospital asked for a $1,100 deposit or we couldn't go. They highlighted on their forms where I signed that said they could ask for a deposit "if insurance could not guarantee 100% coverage". I argued for about half an hour, that the fax they were sent that says right on it, 100% coverage, should legally mean I do NOT have to pay a deposit. They would not budge. I ended up calling my insurance and they had to write this huge document about 100% coverage meaning no copays, no out of network, no exclusions, etc, etc, etc, etc before the hospital would let me leave.

That was crazy. Now I'm back in Canada, where I ended up back in emergency, and got surgery and it was all free. I even told the girl at the hospital, in Canada I could go get in a huge accident, spend 3 months in the hospital getting countless surgeries and it would still be free when I walk out. She thought THAT was crazy. I thought her way was crazy. I know we have some meds and stuff that we do pay partially out of pocket for, but I wouldn't trade health care for anything, I can't imagine having to face a huge hospital bill on top of being sick, or having to choose between whether or not I could afford to get my kids or myself seen in an emergency.

Apr. 7th, 2015

We've got a saying here in the UK which describes a person or group of people who are inept at their job - "Couldn't organise a booze-up in a brewery", and it certainly applies to the organisers of a 'pop-up' event - 'Annie The Owl' - in London. This event was given mega saturation coverage in the media, and after almost a dozen friends forwarded me details I thought I would sign up.

The event was due to take place during the third week of March, and entry was by ballot - meaning that if your name was drawn, you would be able to purchase a ticket. I duly signed up online, and several days later received an email saying that the event date had been changed to the second week in April. I wasn't thrilled about this, since it meant that due to work commitments there would only be one possible night that I could attend, but since I really wanted to go I decided to hang in there. The ballots were drawn on Sunday, and I - along with all the other applicants - received an email telling me that I would be hearing from the organisers very soon. I received an email this afternoon, and got very excited - until I got past the first sentence. The ballot was not now going to take place, because due to the organisers having received so many applications for tickets they wanted to devise a system for distributing the tickets that would "ensure that they went to people who really wanted to go". What I, and the other 1,000 "successful" applicants were now expected to do was download an app onto my phone and use it to hunt for clues which would divulge the website where tickets for the event were being sold - and if we were one of the first 500 people to log on to this website, we would be able to buy a ticket. Thing is, I do not own a smartphone due to the cost involved, so I now have no chance of attending this event at all.

My major gripe is that if these people had made it clear up front that only people with smartphones would be able to attend this event, I wouldn't have had an issue with it; it would have been a requirement I did not meet, ergo I would shrug my shoulders and move on. But to keep changing the goalposts while the 'game' is in progress, and to finish up by telling people "sorry, if you're too poor to own a smartphone we don't think you really want to attend", strikes me as the worst kind of sharp practice.

Credit card payment bad service

I pay a set amount off on my credit card by direct debit every month, on the 28th. Last month, on the 20th, I changed to amount of my direct debit payment using the bank's online banking service. I got a confirmation email repeating what their online banking website had told me:

"Thanks for choosing to pay your ***** Bank credit card ending **** by Direct Debit. We'll make this change, however this cancels the existing payment with your bank.  Your new Direct Debit will not come into effect until your next statement so please make alternative arrangements for this month's payment."

So, I made that month's payment manually, by debit card.

I just checked my credit card account online, and they took the new direct debit on the 28th! So much for cancelling it. I used to work with direct debits and this reminded me that setting up a direct debit can take weeks, whereas just amending the amount of an existing direct debit can be done much more quickly. My bank doesnt seem to know how to distinguish the two when communicating with their customers, as clearly they amended it instead of cancelling it and then setting up a new direct debit.

The reason I changed the payment amount is because I'm a bit short of money at the moment, so the fact that I paid twice (by debit card, then direct debit) has left me out of pocket. The most annoying part is that when I phoned them to complain, they told me to file a direct debit indemnity claim with my bank! After they fucked up, and I've sat on hold with their not-cheap customer service line, they want ME to fix it? Nuh-uh. The person I spoke to kept on trying to put me off getting them to fix it, saying it could 'take a very long time'. I insisted, and it turns out that the 'very long time' business day.

So fingers crossed I'll have the direct debit payment amount back in my current account this week. I wish I'd remembered my experience working with direct debits earlier, so that I could have kept an eye out for this, but they seemed pretty adamant that it wouldn't be good to go until next month, and stupidly I trusted them.

AT&T DSL Bullshit

I'm so frustrated with them I could spit. Let's see if I can write this concisely.

December 2014: We've bought a new house! Yay! Had Uverse, but it's not in the new area. Settle for AT&T DSL. Call and set up an account for when we move in.

2 days later: Settle on Directv for TV. Realize they have a deal with AT&T for $10/month. Cancel account #1, go through Directv for account #2.

2 days after that: Discover that instead of canceling account #1, they signed us up for account #3.

Cancel all extra accounts except account #2. Turns out, they kept account #3, not #2. With an activation date for a week after we needed it. Call. Speak firmly. Get account #4 with the correct activation date.

Now have 4 modems. Send back the 3 extra. Get DSL set up.

January 2015: Apparently one of the accounts cancelled was the one linked with Directv. $10/month credit gone. Ugh.

Feb. 2015: Random $150 charge on account. According to their records we had a Technician Visit for House Rewiring on Jan 16th. Um, no. Definitely not. Call, told that the charge would be removed.

March 2015: Charge still on bill. Call again. They can see where I was told it was going to be removed, but that it was still there. Promise this time they mean it.

Late March 2015: STILL THERE. Call AGAIN. They can see where I was told it was going to be removed, but that it was still there. Promise this time they mean it.

Tonight: STILL THERE. Attempted internet chat (bored, I guess?). Guy kept trying to explain *why* the charge was there, and *what* the charge was for, without bothering to listen that I'd been through all this before.

Tomorrow: Look for new internet. I'm completely done with this.

Teleflora WTF and Suck

So this week, my friend was in the hospital. I was freaking out because I just lost someone I had kind of drifted off contact with this past year and there was a TON of guilt involved, and this current friend and I had both been busy and hadn't been in touch for a few months. I'm in Texas and she's in California. She was in the hospital and everyone local was out of town or unavailable so she was all by herself. This was unacceptable and I at least wanted her to have some physical representation that people care. So I may have been a bit more emotionally involved than usual, but I think it was ridiculous anyway.

So late Tuesday night, when I found out, I put in an online order through Teleflora for delivery on Wednesday. I ordered an arrangement and teddy bear and paid whatever it was for same-day delivery. Got my order confirmation and everything seemed fine.

She never posted about it, so I called throughout the day to check their automated system about delivery. Pushed an option asking about delivery confirmation and the system assured me that the florist would update me. Did that happen? Hell no!

Around 6 Central, I called and this time the system sent me to an agent. After 5 minutes of holding, I finally spoke to a woman who told me that the florist had put a note on the account that my friend had left the hospital and they wanted an alternate delivery address. Except... she hadn't left the hospital. The woman continued to tell me that no, she'd left, and they wanted another address for Thursday delivery. I told her I would call and double check and she offered to call me back. Of course I called and verified she was still in the hospital, and called Teleflora back because I wanted them to go back and deliver. It was barely after 4 in California and since it was their screw-up and I'd paid for same-day, I didn't see that as unreasonable. Apparently it is, according to them!

The second person I spoke with kept talking over me, arguing and arguing and insisting that because the florist's note said my friend had checked out, it must be so. Because obviously my friend would stage an elaborate ruse where I call through the hospital switchboard and they send me to her cell phone where she's sitting on her couch eating bonbons, right? I finally got her to get me a supervisor, which took about 10 minutes of arguing, holding, arguing, and holding again.

Finally the supervisor gets on the phone and apologizes for taking so long. She said that she called the hospital to verify my friend was still a patient, and then called the florist. These people argued with Teleflora and demanded the supervisor speak to a nurse on the actual wing, which they did, and then they spoke to my friend in her hospital bed, and called the florist back. Florist still refused to deliver and would only do it "first thing" Thursday morning.

By then I was pretty ticked off, but tried to stay cool. Then the call went really stupid and sour and I'll never use Teleflora again.

They offered me a 20% refund for all the foolishness. I still wanted that delivery because I honestly don't think 4:20 is too late to fix your own error. I asked for the florist's number, because I wanted to speak to them directly. They had supposedly "attempted" to deliver at 2:30 local time! Nobody ever called me, nobody called my friend, there was no notice whatsoever! I'd had to chase down these flowers, which I think is ridiculous. If they had bothered to pick up the phone and call SOMEONE listed on the order, they could have fixed it in time to get it delivered and I wouldn't have been so upset. I think that's what had me the most irritated that they didn't care whatsoever.

Well, the supervisor tells me they can't give me the florist's name, due to "security purposes." I get that they don't want me going direct because they don't want to lose their middle-man business, but a lot of this could have been resolved if they'd just let me talk to these yahoos. I asked her how I avoid them using this florist in the future, and her answer was that I can put in the special notes of future orders in that area not to use the same florist as 4/1/15 and they can look it up. Otherwise, it's super top secret.

Their "first thing" was around noon. They snuck in while my friend was having a procedure, which was just kind of the final laughable thing about it because I had asked her if she would try to see which florist it was that delivered because honestly I wanted to review them and give them a piece of my mind for their lazy customer service work. At least she finally got the flowers and teddy bear. It just shouldn't have taken me over 30 minutes in phone calls to get it done.

Oh, and I still haven't received that credit. That's going to be another phone call.

Apr. 4th, 2015

My mum got some bad service today. I was at another till at the time, being served by a nice cashier. My mum got a not so nice cashier. My mum's cashier was talking to another employee who seemed to be doing nothing. Apparently they were talking about their private lives, as opposed to work related things. My cashier asked me if I wanted my coat hangers, but my mum's cashier did not. She also wrapped my mum's clothes scruffily around the hangers and shoved them inside the bag while her head was turned because she was too busy talking to her colleague.

I mean, I've been a cashier for ten years and have worked with clothes for as long, and you just don't do that. You don't have to be an expert at folding but for God sake don't treat your customer's new clothes like trash. And focus on your customer. Don't ignore them, and especially don't talk to your colleagues instead.

I said we ought to go back and complain to a manager, but my mum didn't feel like she had the energy.

USPS Employee Curses out a Customer

I was just at the post office and got to witness a USPS employee calling a customer an asshole and telling him to "get the fuck out of his post office" over basically nothing.

From what I witnessed, the guy stepped away from the window after getting his money order for half a second to grab something (a pen maybe?), but still needed to ask the employee a question and had communicated to the employee that he still needed help. The employee told him to get back in line (knowing this post office, it takes 40 minutes to work through a 5 person line).

The person got upset, but the worker started cussing him out first, and after the guy left the worker continued to talk about what an "asshole" the customer was and "fuck that guy!"

This is the same post office where they have interrupted a customers transaction in order to allow their friend to check out with his package ahead of the entire line. And yes, I complained and literally nothing came of it.

I attempted to call USPS just now, and the phone line says "customer service is not available".

Time Warner, Again, Because Of Course

God forbid anything ever go right with Time Warner.

I called in Feb. 25th-ish trying to cancel my account. They told me to just bring my stuff to a TWC office and they'd close it for me.

I go in March 2nd (I think, or it might have been March 1st) with the equipment in tow, wait 40 minutes to get to a rep, give him my stuff and he tries to put in my cancellation. It tries to put it in as March 25th; whoops. He runs, gets a supervisor, is gone for another 5-10 minutes, comes back and closes the account, and has me pay $30 pro-rated for the cancellation date he puts in. He says everything is groovy, I'm all paid up and don't have to worry about anything.

I'm moving, so things are crazy. Suddenly I get a collection agency notice from TW for $30. Wtf, I think, I already paid this.

After speaking with them on the phone, basically, the last rep was "mistaken" and I have to pay the extra $30 because of some mistake THEIR rep made. So, his fuck up is somehow my fuck up, and I have to pay extra for it?

This isn't my first encounter/issue with them. Last yearish I dealt with them for THREE WHOLE MONTHS trying to get a very simple issue fixed. THREE. WHOLE. MONTHS.

They're refusing to take responsibility and stand by what their rep charged me. :v Because, of course, this is Time Warner. God forbid they give anything back to the customer. They desperately need my extra $30.

ETA: Wow. The rep I just spoke to said I was given credits on my account that I didn't deserve. I cannot make this up.

ETA: Okay, two supervisors later and this is resolved. o _O; Geez. I don't really get why there was such a fight put up when the last sup was like, "Duh, our rep said that, we'll give you that. Done." Sheesh.

Honestly, I was really pissed when I wrote this, and I'm gobsmacked that the last guy was so easy going about it, haha. I was totally expecting it to take longer than the nearly-two hours it's already taken me from start to finish. :P

Apr. 2nd, 2015

I've had nothing but issues with the postal service in my new city since we moved here.

First, our carrier was randomly marking our mail return to sender, no rhyme or reason.   We wondered about the lack of mail, but didn't realize exactly what was going on until we got a call from the gas company, wondering why we hadn't cancelled our auto pay if we weren't living there.

Then, she decided she didn't want to walk packages up our stairs, which is fine.  So instead of doing the normal thing and putting them on the stairs going up to our apartment or something, she puts them right in front of the neighbor's door downstairs.  I'm not talking about in the middle of the common walkway, but literally, on their doorstep.  Our neighbors were alcoholics, theives and junkies, so I could just see my packages getting crushed, kicked or stolen.  I put a note to please leave packages on the main stairs to our apartment.  Sometimes, she would, sometimes, she'd just jam it in the mailbox for funsies.

We moved in with my fiance's mom.  I ended up just getting my mail held until 5/1 because the original plan was that this was a temporary change, and I didn't want to put in a million forwards...  well... we decided we were staying here at least 6-8 months for several reasons beneficial to all parties, and so I put my forward in to be effective on 3/18 and also put another paper in per the rep to cancel the hold on that date.

Every month, I get my medical card from the state.  So when everyone else in house got theirs and I didn't, I called the post office to see what was up with my mail.  I was mostly worried about it going to the last apartment.  I kept a key for the security door so in case something like this happened, we could get in and get the mail at least.  I spoke to a supervisor yesterday, who verified my info, and said the forward was in the system.  I asked him to see if I had any mail held, just in case, because at the very least, I know I never got my card, and he says, "oh, we must not have taken the hold off on your mail, you have a big stack here as well as a certified letter that needs to be picked up by tomorrow at the latest."  I thanked him and said I'd be in today.

Cue today.  I go to the post office, and no one has any idea where my mail is.  Not the rep, not the other supervisor, no one. I'm not too worried about the medical card because they can still use the same policy number anywhere I go to verify I have coverage, but obviously we have an important letter waiting for us that I'd like to read.  I call USPS customer service, and she tells me the only thing she can think that happened is that he forwarded the mail somehow to me and I should get it in 10-14 days.  Well, that's nice, because while we have an idea of what the letter is about, there's also a slim chance that it's our shady former landlord trying to garnish my fiance's wages for some reason because while she doesn't know our forwarding address, they work at the same hospital, I'd like to be there at that court date to fight it, because we've already had to do battle with her once, and won.

I seem to be the only one concerned about this, and I know calling again won't get me anywhere.  I'm just worried now that instead of our mail being forwarded properly it's going to go to my old apartment...

Holiday Disaster

I'm so annoyed right now. My husband and I like to go to Whitby Goth Weekend, and had made plans at the end of last year to go to the one coming up at the end of this month. Now the thing about the goth weekend is it's very popular, and the local accommodation providers ramp their prices right up, and the cheaper places get booked up months and months in advance, so it's important to get somewhere booked early. This time we saw an advert locally for a holiday cottage in Whitby, and when we called in December we were told it was available, and would cost us £250. Great! We paid a deposit, and we were sent the key to the cottage.

Then last night, 3 weeks before we are due to go, the lady who owns the cottage called me and told me that she was very sorry, but the cottage had actually been booked for the dates we wanted in APRIL last year. Basically the people staying there for the goth weekend last year had booked for this year there and then, and she had totally forgotten about it until yesterday. Like I say, I booked in December, she's known about my booking for months and yet she's only JUST remembered about the other booking. So my reservation has been cancelled, and whilst she was very apologetic and has offered me a free stay later in the year it's really messed our plans up. We are looking at at least £200 more for somewhere to stay, at this short notice most of the places we could have booked back in December for less are all full up, unless we want to stay 8+ miles away, which we didn't really want to do as the events go on late and the whole 'Who is going to drive' comes up. TBH at this point I may end up calling the whole thing off as it's going to cost us way more than we had budgeted for.

It's not like I can go to the October weekend either as it usually falls on a school holiday and I can't take the time off.

MBTA and Best Buy

Two bad service things in the last two days.

1. So I went to add my April monthly pass to my Charlie Card last night online. The site kept freezing up and then logging me out. I checked my bank account and it didn't charge me, so I decided I'd add a pass in the morning. I checked my bank account this morning, and several hours after I had tried to get a pass it charged me for two passes. So I emailed them. The response I got back was that their online pay system was down and I had to buy a pass in person. Except my problem was that they charged me for two passes, so they didn't even bother to read mye mail clearly.

2. I have an Ipod Classic that I bought through Best Buy. I also bought the extended replacement warranty that was good for three years. The way it has always worked is when I have a problem I go into the store, they see if they can fix it, and if not they replace it there. A month ago my warranty was set to expire, so I renewed it. I went through everything and it worked fine. At no point did anything mention any changes to my plan.

So the last few weeks I've been having problems with buttons randomly activating and the Ipod randomly restarting, all without me telling it to or pressing any buttons. Then over the weekend one of the headphone speakers stopped working properly. I thought it was the headphones at first, but had the same problem with new ones I bought.

So yesterday I went to the store, which is now 40 minutes away since they closed the closer one. I showed the Geek Squad person my Ipod and the warranty. She spent half an hour looking up things and doing who knows what. Then she comes out and tells me their policy has changed and exchanges are now done online. Now I set it up online, give them my credit card to put a hold on (which is annoying in and of itself), and they ship me the new one and I ship the old one to them.

So I wasted a trip. And I was never informed of this policy change in anything, even though I renewed the warranty. And why did it take 30 minutes for her to tell me that? So I emailed their customer service with my complaint. And their response boiled down to "sorry you don't like our policy, we totally listen to customer feedback, except of course we don't and we don't care." And there was nothing about the lack of communication on the policy change.

New gym, Hard sell

A case of buyer bewareCollapse )

UPDATE: So, I just got a call from the personal trainer. I had left him a message to let him know that I wasn't interested in the program - but he claims he never got it -- and that's a possibility. It wouldn't be the first time I've left a message at the wrong number. Anyway, I reiterated that I could not afford the training, that I would be doing this on my own, and that I might consider revisiting the idea of a personal trainer in six months time. He then proceeds to tell me that I will fail on my own because everyone else has.

I really didn't feel like talking with him any more, so I did not point out that people do succeed on their own, that his gym is running a bait and switch, and that I really didn't appreciate the attitude. I will, however be registering complaint with the gym on their sales practices. Not that it'll accomplish anything.

Did we forget how to respect our elders?

Witnessed this in Walmart today:

There was a customer in a scooter, which broke. The customer was handicapped and also suffered from Parkinson's disease. (I heard her mention it)

When it was requested that someone get her a new scooter, the employee sighed, rolled his eyes and threw his hands in the air as he stormed off to (allegedly) try and get help. After about 5 minutes he returned and with the same nasty attitude said that he would have to go to the front of the store to get her a new one. He was VERY nasty to this lady and made her visibly uncomfortable.

Eventually, two managers came to get her what she needed. This guy was rude, nasty and deplorable to this woman. I felt so bad for her because she was scared about being on a broken scooter and she was shopping by herself. There was a person doing a demo staying with her so she wouldn't be alone, but this man was so horrible that it made me wonder how people can get away with such behavior.

UPDATE: I called corporate to report this and they said the situation would be taken care of.

Letter from corporate:

Thank you for taking time to contact us ,we do apologize for the inconveniences ,we will take your complain for serious and we will let the store manager know about these issues and we will work to approve the customer service in that store

Again thank you for contacting us.

Wal-Mart Customer Care

Dental B_S

I was at the dentist to get a filling done today.  I'm a freak of nature and the local anesthetic did fuck all, so they were unable to help me and I now need to find somebody to do it while sedating me.

That's not my issue, though.  The thing is, I'm phobia-level terrified of needles.  I've had to have people pin me down so I could get vaccinated.  And even though I had taken three times my usual dose of Ativan to calm myself down for this, I still wasn't happy about getting a needle shoved into my mouth.

When I asked the dentist not to warn me when the needle was coming--if I know when, it gives me time to tense up and/or pull away--, he responded with, Just put your damned big girl panties on.

Just... wow.

Bonus shittiness comes from the fact that I'm FtM and just don't pass worth shit.  Misogyny + misgendering = fuck you, pal.

I'm kinda thankful I have to find a different dentist to do my work now.

The continuing saga of the courses

So this is a follow-up to this complaint.

After all of the issues I had, I was finally able to get registered for the course I need. Unfortunately, when I received confirmation it was for all four days of the course, rather than the one I signed up for, and there was no invoice provided, so I am understandably concerned that they are going to try an overcharge me.

See, the way the course is being offered, it's listed as $1000 for all four days or $250 for only one. I received permission from my manager to take the one day (the Tuesday) and after I signed up the course providers proceeded to hassle me in an attempt to get me to sign up for all four days. I thought I had made it clear to them that I was only able to take the one day and that I was not available for the other days of the course (I'm also on language training at the same time so my time is seriously limited).

So when I received the confirmation and saw the dates listed, I immediately emailed them back requesting that they send a copy of the invoice. This is the response I got:

"An invoice has already been generated, and you should have received it. Have you received an email from Company with the invoice?"

Now I have to remain professional here because I'm not only representing myself, but my Department as well, so I wasn't able to reply as I really, really wanted to. If it wasn't for the fact that we need the product that Company makes, I would be advising my superiors to cut all ties with them at this point, because they are clearly morons.

UPDATE: Well the invoice came in and I've been asking around. Apparently this kind of incompetence is SOP for these people and all emails must be sent in clear, obvious language as if we're speaking with children. ... Honestly, I will be very happy if I never have to deal with these people ever again.

RV repair... not so repaired

About a month ago now my wife and I bought an old RV from a guy on Craigslist. Being old, and since we have heavy plans for it, we took it to Poulsbo RV to get inspected and potentially repaired. We ended up paying $2700 for the inspection and repairs - more than I'd been thinking, but not totally out there. But the entire three weeks or so it was in the shop, we had little to no contact from them. Every piece of information we got was because WE contacted THEM and asked for an update, so I get the feeling if we'd let them lead the conversation, we'd never have actually moved on to what needed to be repaired.

So the lack of contact was bad enough, and we had decided we weren't going to use that place any more. But then, the day after we brought the RV home, it wouldn't start. Turn the key, click. Okay, so maybe the battery drained somehow? We buy a jump box, which wasn't a bad plan to have in the first place - but that makes no difference. Tonight we had roadside assistance come by to give us a jump and check it out, just in case we did something wrong.

After about ten minutes of attempting a jump and inspecting, the VERY nice and helpful towtruck driver points out the problem - the grounding strap attached to the starter is frayed, rusted and broken. As in very old, should have been replaced, definitely should have been caught in the inspection... ESPECIALLY because the sole time we were contacted by Poulsbo RV was to say they couldn't finish the inspection because the starter was dead, and we authorized a replacement.

Because I am not such a car person, here is a simple explanation: They replaced the starter that they said was dead. The grounding strap is attached to the starter. This means that they not only had to look at it, they had to TOUCH, MOVE and ATTACH the grounding strap to the new starter. The obviously old, frayed, nearly dead grounding strap. I'm beginning to suspect the starter wasn't dead in the first place.

Tomorrow we plan on demanding they pay for a tow back to their shop, a free grounding strap replacement, and to have it back on Wednesday when we can pick it up.

The day I boycotted a charity shop

My mum and I had to pick a few things up from town today and thought we'd do a charity shop run while we were there, as it had been a while since we had a mooch.

All was well until we headed to the one right at the bottom of the street. This is the one I like the least, because I find the manager to be quite rude. He usually stands outside the door smoking, ignores customers (he's done it to me, and I've heard others say the same, and seen him do it to others too) and when he's serving, he's just rude and makes no effort to really engage the customer.

Today took the absolute piss. I was browsing near the till and happened to see him serving not one, not two, but three separate customers in a row. This isn't the suck, obviously. Nope, the suck is the fact that he never engaged any of them because he was too busy talking to his friend on his mobile phone. I can't recall the exact conversation, but the way he was talking, and the subject at the time, made it seem pretty clear that it was a personal phone call and not a professional one. He never even acknowledged his customers. At one point he even turned his head to talk some more to whoever was on the other end of that phone call.

I was livid, but I didn't want to cause a scene so I went over to my mum who was looking at the book section right at the opposite end of the shop.

"Can we go somewhere else?" I asked.

So we got out of there and I told her what had happened. I'm boycotting that shop from now on. I know it's a charity shop but fuck that shit. You shouldn't treat your customers like that. It's rude and I am making a stand.

Cold Caller Assholery

Dear cold caller lady,

You rang me. You asked for someone who hasn't lived here for at least five years, and won't be returning because she was convicted of criminal charges and imprisoned. We don't know her - never met her. We bought the house from the people who lived here after her.

So when I tell you this, what the fuck possessed you, person who is trying to sell something, to interrupt me with blah, blah, blah, blah, blah... As if I were boring you, in a completely childish manner. You, madam, are an utter toad. I do not regret hanging up the phone on you mid sales pitch, at all.

No love at all,


Dear other asshole at the same company,

This is how not to conduct a phone sale:

*ring ring*
Mother: Hello?
Him: Can I speak with Mrs Parkinson, please?
Mother: Nobody lives here by that name. Please don't call again. Goodbye.
*hangs up*

Ten seconds later:
*ring ring*
Mother: Hallo?
Him: I would like to offer you the same deal as Mrs Parkinson -
Mother: No, thank you. Do not call again. Bye.
*hangs up*

Ten seconds later:
Him: I'm offering you a good deal here, listen to me, [insert rest of sales pitch]
Mother: *hangs up phone*

Cut that shit out,

Mother of me.

*Also, I don't know who this company is and I need to try to block them, because they keep calling. There's been several people phoning but they all speak with 'Indian' accents (IDK how to describe it but it's the only common link between them) but they are utter assholes. They call back as soon as you hang up, they use different numbers so as soon as you block one, they use another, and they only ever want to speak to someone who's not been here for five years.

Feb. 9th, 2015

So I work for an office with two departments in it. I am with Department A and the other is Department B. We (Department A) use a specialized program to do our work and it's been decided that I am to be the back up administrator for said program (in case our Administrator is away from the office). So I sign up for the course, making it clear that I work for Department A and the following conversations ensue:

Conversations with people who can"t computeCollapse )

I just cannot even begin to grasp what is going on here. The same conversation three times, the same clarification made all three times. I'm really not sure what I'm doing wrong here and how to rectify it. ... not that it matters since I can't take the course now and therefore I can't properly do my job. Thankfully my boss is very understanding.
I'll start by saying I suffer from chronic depression. I have medicine that works, and am working on two big issues with my therapist: trust of mental health professionals (I've been fucked over by them since I was 16, of course all with the BEST of intentions (link goes to bad_service entry), I'm sure), and housecleaning. The latter is just run-of-the-mill Daddy issues; he was a neat freak, I'm not, clash, etc.

Husband got hit with situational (acute) depression last year that he was seeing a therapist for as well. The sessions weren’t working very well, and we thought if we had a joint session it would help us get on the same page as to what each therapist was hearing from us individually. I really dreaded this as I expected it would be a pile-on me and my issues.

The session went GREAT.Collapse )

TL;DR: had a joint therapy session with my husband, mentioned we had a messy house and don't bathe our kids every day, therapists called Child Protective Services on us (who didn't open a case), and their stories about why they called don't match, so we no longer trust them

Feb. 4th, 2015

I have lost absolutely all hope in my doctor.

Putting behind cut, as is long and refers to miscarriageCollapse )

TLDR; my doctor made me cry, then made me think I was two seconds from dying from a condition I didn't have, during a time where I was pumped full of pregnancy hormones and heartbroken at the thought of losing my baby. He had no sympathy, no empathy, and misdiagnosed me with a deadly condition that I didn't have. This has been an incredibly emotionally difficult time and this entire situation made it that much worse.

(I will be reporting him, and changing doctors.)

I told you yes, you heard no

I'm a trainee teacher (qualified to teach extra curricular, but I won't get my National Curriculum qualification until March) so I currently work as a supply (substitute) teacher through a few agencies. Each agency uses a payroll company to transfer money from the schools to me. One company is pretty great, the other...

To be fair, I didn't want them as my payroll company in the first place- their head office is in Guernsey, which means they are engaging in tax evasion. The agency insisted I use them instead of the good one with whom I was already registered. I did try to change it over, but with no luck.

I was under the assumption that this particular agency would only work with this one payroll company, and they got me a fair bit of work last year. So when the payroll company got in touch to ask me if I was still available for work and if I wanted to keep my account active, I said yes. I wrote back and told them that my lack of work through this particular agency over the last few months has been due to bad timing (clashes with other agency work) and one annoying school that cancelled on me at the last minute (I was literally about to walk out the door when the agency called). I thought that was that.

Two weeks later (earlier this week), I got another email telling me that if I did not get in contact (which I already had), they would send out a P45*. I wrote back and said I had already been in contact and repeated what I said in the first email. Again, I thought that was that.

This morning, what should arrive in the mail? A P45.

What the actual-? Why ask a question if you're not going to acknowledge the answer?!

On the plus side, I had a moan to the agency and they are allowing me to get paid through the payroll company that I originally wanted. I emailed the company that sent me the P45 and told them (politely) where to stick it and that I will be taking my business elsewhere.

*for those wondering, a P45 is the form a company sends you upon termination of employment contract (through quitting or firing) with a declaration of earnings and tax contributions. This form is used to submit to new employment, the jobcentre if you're to claim benefits or to be declared on your Self Assessment tax return if you're self employed (like myself).

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