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Hospital Bad Service?

I've been trying to figure out if what happened at the hospital is me not knowing how emergency rooms work or if I did something wrong.

I'm going to put everything under the cut because of mentions of gross bodily functions.

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TL:DR: ER tells me I have a sprained back when I have gallstones. Second ER trip results in doctor yelling at me for wasting his time and then did nothing to help me.

I'm slightly worried because I'm having surgery on the 20th to remove my gallbladder and the surgery is going to be done at this hospital. My surgeon is awesome but I'm terrified of being treated like crap again. And it's even worse because my surgeon said usually gallbladder surgery is a same day type deal but he keeps his patients in the hospital over night.
So now I'm kind of nervous about having to spend the night there and I'm worried about how well I'm going to get treated. And I have anxiety so if someone treats me crappy I'll probably just have a panic attack and break down crying.
I get that cold callers are a nuisance, but this takes it to a whole other level.

It started at about 9am yesterday morning. My nan answered the phone for the first four or so calls and then she gave it to me because it was upsetting her. A man kept asking for her, wanting her to complete a survey. Each time she said no thanks, but he kept calling her back. This happened in the space of about an hour. She then gave the phone to me, and I said that when/if he rang back I'd be firm and tell him not to call again. He did, I answered and told him just that. He called back about three times within the space of half an hour, not getting the hint. He stopped for about two hours then he called back again. I told him to stop ringing and put the phone down. He called back. This time I just didn't talk and put the phone straight down. He called yet again and I told him to NOT call this number again. He said,

"And why not ma'am?"

and I told him,

"Because you've been calling us all day, pestering us, and I told you not to call this number and you did. If you ring this number again then I'll be reporting you to the police."

He never called again after that. I hate being firm with people and if possible I like to try and resolve things amicably, but sometimes it just doesn't work.
I'm not sure if this is bad service. Feel free to tell me or delete this if it's not. A bit of background: for the past three years the CD player in my car has been working sporadically. Sometimes it works fine, and other times it refuses to play the CD and won't give it back until I've pressed the eject button many, many times. I'm taking a few long drives this summer, and I want to be able to listen to music. So I went to my car dealer to ask them about getting a new one. This was a month ago.

They quoted me a price, said they had to order the CD player, and would call me within a week. Ten days later I hadn't heard anything, so I called them. They said the CD player was on back order, and they'd get back to me "very soon." A few days after that I friend told me I could get it cheaper and Best Buy. (He works there, so he would know.) I investigated, and this was true. I can't made a contract of any sort with my car dealer, so I went to Best Buy. I didn't tell the dealer; I just went somewhere else. My new radio/CD play was installed ten days later, no problems.

Yesterday, nearly three weeks after they said they'd contact me "very soon," the car dealer finally called and asked if my CD player had been all taken care of. I told them it had, but I neglected to say it wasn't by them. I'm not too upset since I *did* get what I wanted, but if I hadn't decided to go somewhere else it seems like I would have been left hanging. Thoughts?


Ugh. So, my old dentist has been claiming that I didn't completely pay a bill. They are claiming I only paid for half of something. Except I did completely pay it. A few months ago I called, and I thought we'd worked it out. They finally agreed I'd payed. And then I didn't hear anything for months.

Except I just got a collections letter. And I called again and they are again claiming I didn't pay and need to pay.

I don't even know what I can do at this point. I sent them a copy of all my payments (I paid for a whole bunch of things together up front, and they didn't give me an itemized receipt, only one showing my full payment). They are still insisting I owe them a couple hundred dollars I don't have.

Social Security is a pain in my ass.

So, I am (now officially) disabled.  I've got scoliosis, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease... PTSD, bipolar, panic disorder... and a few other things too.  So yeah, I'm a hot mess, and a walking pharmacy.  As a result, winning my disablity case this past October, after a year and a half of jumping through the usual hoops (and subsisting on a $200 monthly stipend known as the Aged, Blind, Disabled, aka ABD, benefit and food stamps), wasn't surprising at all (though it was definitely a relief).

The way my benefits/back pay work is that I now draw my normal monthly check from Social Security Disability Insurance (aka SSDI), and SSDI paid me their portion of backpay a few days before Christmas (so it was a NICE Christmas this year, new computer yeehaw)--after they had made sure that my attourney had been paid their portion.  Supplementary Security Income (aka SSI), was then to cover the rest of the back pay, after a redundant check to make sure that anything due to any other parties (like my attourney or the ABD) was paid.

And therein lies the bad_service.

See, normally, they woiuld have checked all that stuff, and set up a payment schedule in their computer system, set to dispense payment every six months until the back pay was paid back in its entirety.  But for some reason, they never did.  They didn't do ANYTHING to my account.  They didn't investigate and/or confirm the fact that I didn't owe anyone any money.  They didn't set up my account to start giving me chunks of my back pay.  Nope, they didn't do ANYTHING.  So my account has just been sitting there, gathering dust, while they remained inactive.

I have called, and called, and called.  Every time I call (and wait on hold for at least an hour), the person I speak to expresses confusion as to why my account hasn't been touched.  One of the last people I spoke to on the phone submitted an official letter/request for them to take action on my account--and the last person I spoke to on the phone expressed disbelief that they hadn't even bothered to read it yet (after being submitted a month earlier..).

When nothing happened and then kept happening, I finally decided that I had had enough of waiting on hold, and I went down in person to the local Social Security office.  Had a line out the door before it even opened, took me 45 minutes to finally get my turn with one of the reps at a window once it did open.

The window rep was extremely condescending, he spoke to me like I was an idiot, explaining to me that they always hold the money until they confirm that no more is owed from my backpay.  I told him I knew this, and that I didn't owe anything else.  That my attourney had already been paid and that I didn't owe anything to repay the ABD benefits I had received (because receiving SSDI automatically negates a repayment).  He then looked at me and just... walked away.  Didn't tell me where he was going, didn't tell me he was leaving, just... walked away.  And left me standing there wondering just what the frell was going on.

He came back a few minutes later, and he had AMAZING news!

"I just went back to speak to my supervisor, and this is an amazing coincidence, but she was actually working on your file!" he delivered without a hint of guilt--I think he honestly believed he could make me believe that line of bull.  "So we should have this all taken care of by the start of next month.  If you don't see anything has been done by then, come back to this office and we'll investigate."

... So that is basically where I am at right now--relying on the word of a man who is clearly well-versed in the art of deception.  ("Just happens to be working on" my file my lily white butt.)

But why am I getting so worked up about this?  I'll get the money eventually, right?

Because they are, quite literally, holding onto $14,000 for no good reason.

That's right; $14,000.  FOURTEEN-THOUSAND DOLLARS.

I have people I owe money to, and I have work that needs done on my car.  I have other things that need tending to, as well.  So, I need that money.

But even if I didn't need it?  Dude, stop holding my back pay hostage and giving the government an interest free loan for (at this point at least) 7 months.

Social Security, your horrible service makes me sad and angry.  D:<

I’ve been going to the same lovely clinic to have my birth control filled for the last six years. On top of that, I’ve been on the same pill for ten years, and was put on it way back when to control pretty severe PMDD that does not respond to any other treatment. This is in my chart at the clinic, along with the fact that I get migraines (not caused by hormones/PMDD/etc.).

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Insurance Woes

This is partially my fault for checking. But I was still given wrong information which led me to switching insurances when I shouldn't have.

So, last year I was on a different insurance. However, the price was going up $60, so we switched to a different insurance on the marketplace. Before I switched, I checked and then called to make sure all my doctors were in-network. It appeared that yes they were. So I signed up and told them who I wanted my primary care physician to be.

So I've been on them since January. And stupidly I didn't notice that the PCP listed was different until now. So I call in to try to switch and am told that my regular doctor is not in network for the HMO I'm signed up for, but for their other HMO.

And there is nothing I can do at this point because wrong doctor is not a life change that would allow me to change insurances on the marketplace. And I have an appointment today which will have to be out of pocket. And my regular PCP is the one who prescribes all my prescriptions.

Argh. So frustrating.

Gynecologist Woes

I thought I'd finally found a good gynecologist. Someone who actually listened to me and didn't dismiss me. Only turns out there have been other issues.

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TLDR: Wasted time and appointments only to find out my insurance can't cover the surgery with her despite her claims otherwise.

Finding a mechanic is tiresome...

I moved last summer and therefore I'm in that struggle of not knowing everything about my new town.

The problem I have is a pain in the rear end but it's a complete inconvenience but something that would harm my car in the long run. Being me, I like things to be streamlined, so I set out on the mission to get it fixed.

When you fuel up, the gas nozzle pops off before it's full. Constantly, every couple gallons, it'll click off, meaning you have to nurse the car. This would not be a problem if I lived in the 48(?) states that had self-service stations, I'd be fine with standing there holding it. I live in Oregon, Oregon is strictly all no-self-service. So I roll up to each gas station and have to tell the friendly attendant that it clicks off, please feel free to take care of everyone who comes in while I wait for their extra attention. I HATE IT, I hate being a pain in their butts. They're all kind and understanding, they deal with far worse but still, ick.

So I googled it, found out that it's most likely a hose or filter that needs changed. It's extremely common, the gas attendants have even offered the idea that someone tried to steal my gas, that can push the screen down and cause that issue. It's all about gas vapors not being able to escape properly, so the gas pumps "think" its full and kick off so not to over-fill.

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lol walmart

I had to go to walmart. I like walmart. I know many people at walmart where I shop and we're all friendly.

But today OY!

It started out good I cashed a check and went into the mobile store to look at cell plans for the future.

after that I just shopped around in no particular hurry until it came time to get cleaning supplies.

I stopped at an employee and asked if he could help me.

after he stared at me ike Cletus the slack jawed yokal for a good ten minutes he finally managed to figure out how to say "Yes"

I proceed to ask him if he could direct me to where I could find something to clean my microwave with. After another ten minute pause he said "Clean your microwave?"

And I said yes and after ANOTHER ten minute pause he said "What do you mean clean your microwave?"

So I had to sit there in my cart and explain to him what clean means.

then when he continued with his Cletus impression I had to explain to him what a microwave was.

His next "Brilliant" response? "What do you mean clean it? Why would you clean a microwave?"

apparently my answer of "Because it's dirty and when things are dirty one tends to clean them?" seemed too complex for his "vast" mind to follow.

Finally I just moved out and got what I knew I needed and as I was doing so I happened apon a lady shopping so I said aloud as if I were thinking "What cleans a microwave anyway I wonder?" she heard me and said "409 multi surface" .

that was done. then after paying for my things I realized I got something we already had and so off to customer service it was.

where I had to explain to the clerk there what I needed "You need somethin?" was his question. then I had to explain the problem and even ended with "So I need to exchange these items" which did no good because he STILL asked "What do you want me to do about it?" then "What do you mean exchange?" so I basically had to baby this ADULT man and explain word by word step by step what an exchange is. (think "First I hand you what I'm returning and my receipt" then me holding both out and him standing there leading me to say "then you take the items I'm exchanging and my receipt from me" and so on all the way through.)

when that was finally done I went to the money center to pay my mobile bill (walmart family)

Where I discovered much to my blush I could not remember my phone number when the clerk demanded "Phone number!" and I dumbly replied "Pardon?" "PHONE! NUM! BER!" so I had to blush and say "I forgot" and that lead them to ask me in a sarcastic high talking to a dim newborn baby voice who's phone it was and when I said "Mine" ask me in the same voice why I didn't know my own number. then "educate" me on how memorizing "our" phone number "Helps" in what I guess was his best "Barney" voice.

So I went to the mobile department to see if they could check by account and after the guy there spoke down to me as if I were a puppy I came away with my number (and a helpful hint on how one reads a number off a paper it's written down on as if I didn;t know)

Back to the money center. I gave the information and was told the price it was 85 cents more than I gave so I handed over an extra dollar and even said "Have to break this for the cents sorry" the guy stood there holding the dollar as if it were going to bite him and stared at me.

Confused I said "It's a dollar?" and he said "And?" and I said "And if you break it you'll have the 85 cents you said was included in the price?" and he said "It's a dollar" so I had to sit there and educate him how to count and he works at the MONEY center!

then after I got him to understand the terribly complex and hard task of turning dollar into change I thought I was done. But no he continued to stare at me.

"Are we done?" I asked he said "You gave me a dollar" and I held my hand out taking that to mean "Here's the rest of the money since it was only 85 cents so I owe you 15 cents" He continued to stare at me as if he was expecting something to happen.

"Did I have change?" I asked confused. more staring. "Did you want to hand me a receipt?" more staring. "Did you want something from me?" that got an answer but only "You handed me a dollar".

So I said "OK? can you not make change?" "You handed me a dollar." "Yes. A dollar is 100 cents. 85 comes before 100" "You gave me a dollar" lather rinse repeat.

So I said "Yes. YOu said the price was 20.85. I don't have 85 cents in change but I have a dollar and you can get 85 cents from a dollar if you break it into coins then count out until you reach 85 cents. " "You gave me a dollar!" "Yes because I didn't already have the 85 cents." "You gave me a DOLLAR!!!!!!" "Yes I know. can you not make change? Do you need me to find a manager?" "YOU! GAVE! ME! A! DOLLAR!" "Yes so you told me but what is the problem with that?" "the price is 20.85 and you gave me a dollar." "Yes for the 85 cents." "You gave me a dollar!" lather rinse repeat.

So finally I dug around in my purse to see if I could find freaking 85 cents in coins.

and that's when I found the twenty.

Slowly it dawned on me what I said done and I handed over the twenty while apologizing rapidly and my friend who also works money center started cracking up. (I laughed too)

But really "You gave me a dollar" does NOT equal "You forgot to hand me the twenty ma'am"

what a day!

Update to Car Dealer BS

Update to this entry from last month: http://bad-service.livejournal.com/3353636.html?thread=107095076

tl:dr - my new car had a broken valve, called dealer to complain and he screams at me, saying my old car is a dud and I lied to get a higher part-ex value (which I did not).

So, this guy tells me that he cannot sell my car and he's going to scrap her instead of sell her on.
A month later, I decide to mosey onto his website and see if she's still on the website (she was in Feb, with no photos).

Not only are there photos on the listing now (numberplate confirms that this is my old car), but the mileage is still incorrect. It states the mileage is 99,000. I have photographs that prove her mileage was at least 100,024 when I took her in (I took that photo as a milestone picture shortly before I made the decision to give her up).

Should I report this to the DVLA?
I had to catch the bus for work and usually catch it at the same bus stop. There's never usually any problems with them seeing me and stopping. Until now...

I could see the bus coming so I stuck my hand out. Usually, they'll flick on their indicator and start slowing down, but this one didn't. I waved him down as he got closer, but he still wouldn't slow down or give any hint that he was about to pull over. He drove right past me. As he did, he looked at me, shrugged his shoulders and gave me a rude look.

I just don't know why he did that. Why the shrug and rude look? He looked at me like I'd just crawled from under a stone. I had to catch the next bus, which made me late for work. I know I could have caught an earlier bus, but on that day, it definitely wasn't convenient for me to do so, and normally there are NO problems at that bus stop anyway.

He didn't have many passengers either, so it wasn't because his bus was full.

Mail Drama ongoing....

I think I posted about this before that when I would order cat food from Amazon, the mailman would mark it as "undeliverable - no safe place to leave it" or sometimes as address non-existant/couldn't find, and then redeliver it the follow day or two without issue. (I'm not complaining if there's no safe place to leave it, leave a notice and I'll pick it up! But they don't leave a notice, ever.)

After I called to tell Amazon and they spoke to USPS, suddenly things on Sunday (and sometimes Saturdays) are getting marked as the same. Which, if they just didn't deliver, that'd be fine, but don't have that as an option then tell me my address doesn't exist/you couldn't find it, or it there was no safe place to leave it (when you deliver stuff almost every day of the week without problem).

However, now, a package has gone missing. A package with tracking too. It's from Ebay so I contacted the seller and contacted the USPS. The next day after filing the report with USPS, the local post office called me and said the "GPS" said it was delivered. I told her, I know, but I never got it. In fact, I didn't get ANY mail that day. She sighs and says she'll have to ask the delivery person. (Right from this call it feels like I'm calling the delivery person a theif, I'm not btw, but that's the vibe I get from her attitude/sigh. I just want to know what happened/where the package is).

The following day she calls me again and tells me that the "GPS" says it was delivered. I said I know, but I never got it. I got no mail that Friday. She tells me she spoke to the delivery person and they said they left it in my mailbox. I said, that's weird, because the tracking says it was left at the front door/porch. She goes on to tell me to check with my landlord (I have, and I trust them. I live in a good area and none of my packages have gone missing, ever. Once the guy downstairs accidentally took a letter for me but noticed like the next day, by the time of reporting this, it had been seven days). I told her I have, they don't have it. She says, well, maybe someone took it! You have two houses and one mailbox, the delivery person told me! (We have one house, one mailbox, just two families living on different floors, and we've NEVER had a problem before). It was just a regular envelope with 0lb 0oz! It could've been taken by someone! The sender should've put insurance on it! We offer insurance! (Is this a shakedown? lol) Do you want us to hold your packages? No, I say. Ok! I will tell the delivery person to put everything on your porch from now on! No matter how small! (uhhh... now I'm certain I'm going to lose stuff) I try to tell her that many things she said (0lb, 0oz, delivered to mailbox/porch/front door) doesn't make any sense but she doesn't want to talk about it anymore and ends the call.

I spoke with the seller, who is mailing it out again today (thankfully), and I asked them to put insurance on it this time. They also told me they only mail stuff in bubble mailers (so I wonder if the person who delivers stuff like delivers everything and checks it off as delivered after they've done the entire street or something, which isn't protocol I imagine, and they've gotten confused as to what package I'm talking about, because like I've said I get a lot of mail/packages especially recently).

I don't know how to proceed. I mean I'm getting my buttons, which is the main concern, but I don't know how to tell USPS look, IDK what happened, but I didn't get the package. I think you need to investigate this delivery person (not that they're intentionally stealing stuff, but their facts don't add up, plus they have a history of not delivering items).

(Also, to clarify, the house has a door beside the garage door. Up three stairs is the mailbox. On this platform, beside the house some carriers leave large boxes. Going along the sidewalk and up 5-7 stairs is the front door where some carriers leave large boxes too, depending. The front door is often open, except in colder months, and doesn't lead to anyone's apartment.)

I'm going to put this behind a cut because what I've been dealing with is gross (bodily functions..yay!), so if you get grossed out by talking about stomach issues...might wanna skip it...it got kinda long..

requires some explanation to get to the BS...Collapse )

Tl;dr: my urologist's nurse didn't take symptoms seriously and I've been previously exposed to a really not fun disease that could be causing all of my problems.

Continuation... kind of...

So a follow-up to the last post here, but moreso overall office shenanigans rather than the secretary specifically now, but there's more on her too.

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Possible car dealer BS

Background: just over two weeks ago, my beloved car of nine years started showing signs that it couldn't cope with the amount of driving I make her do, so I (reluctantly) part-exchanged her for a new car. This car seemed too good to be true- less than a year old, under 3000 miles on the odometer and cheaper than my car was when I first bought her. So we went to the dealer, I fell for the car and she was mine.

When I picked up the car, the psi (tyre pressure) was very low in the back tyre so I requested the dealer fill it up, which he did after much persuasion (he kept insisting it was fine, however 19 psi on a 37 psi tyre is NOT okay). However, two weeks later, it started showing a warning on the dashboard saying the pressure was low and needed topping up. The tyre looked fine, so I kept up with it until I saw a warning for 25 psi and figured I best go top it up and then get the tyre checked at the weekend.

I get to the local filling station, fill up my tyre but then the cap doesn't go back in. The staff at the station tried to help but then we realised the valve itself was broken! So now I have a flat tyre and have to cancel my first class of the day (I do dance clubs in my local area). Part of the valve is broken and bent, something that I couldn't have caused in the two weeks that I have owned the car, so I called the auto place to complain and ask for reimbursement for the repair and the work I missed because they made a glaring mistake in checking over the vehicle (something he should have spotted when he filled up my tyre the day I collected the car). I figured the worst he could do was say no and give me some advice on how to use my manufacturers warranty.

Nope. He yelled at me! Basically it turns out my old car was a lot more banged up than I thought and the engine was near dead. I didn't know this when I handed her over- I assumed she was fine but just needed a tune up to handle longer journeys. I had taken her in for repairs four days before I part-exchanged, so I assumed any major problems were dealt with. Apparently not, and the auto yard guy yelled at me, accusing me of lying to get more value out of part-exchange and how dare I call about a £20 loss when he's out hundreds!

Firstly, I am not a car expert. How am I supposed to know that my car's engine was knackered? I thought it just needed a tune up because I had been pushing her too much.

Secondly, he IS a car expert. Someone I would expect to notice a dodgy tyre valve. What if that had popped off when I was driving? I have heard stories about people who have busted a tyre when driving, crashed and either been horribly injured or died. His neglect could have cost me my car and more than one hour of my job.

Thirdly, £20 isn't a lot to him, but it's a big chunk of my earnings to me. I don't really have the luxury of being able to miss that much, not to mention the fact that I paid £25 to get a new valve put in. Perhaps my asking him to compensate my loss of earnings was a bit much, but this was HIS mistake.

Fourth, he tried to then suggest I was the one who broke the valve in the two weeks I had owned the car. I am a good and careful (and overly cautious) driver. There is no way I could have broken the tyre air valve. Even the guy who came to fix it said that he's only seen this in older cars, not ones that are less than a year old and barely have 3000 miles on the odometer. So it's likely there was something in my car's history that the dealer neglected to tell me.

Rant over. I'm just appalled with the way the guy shouted at me over the phone. I had to hang up on him because he wouldn't stop for a moment to let me talk- he just kept saying "well, I apologised and now you keep yelling at me." Except he was the one yelling (I just used my stern Teacher Voice). And I think, given that I just got the car, I have a right to be mad that something like this wasn't sorted before I picked up the car.
Also, my old car is listed on his website (granted, without a photo so I don't know if he's taking it off) and it has had 1500 miles taken off the odometer reading. That I find troubling.

And, to top it all off, my insurance screwed up my policy and apparently I am not covered for being towed, despite my specifically asking for it. Agh.
So my sister is getting married in April. My mother and I, being plus size, ordered our dresses from a site that makes custom dresses. They just came today. And everything was wrong.

My mother's dress had the wrong waist size. It was half an inch smaller than what she requested. The waist and hip and neck measurements were all off by at least a half inch on my bridesmaid dress (at least an inch off at the hips to the point that the skirt which was supposed to be loose and flowey was snug against my hips). Plus the dress was shorter than pictured by several inches to the point that it was indecent in the back for a wedding dress. And the waists on both dress were lower than pictured. I couldn't zip mine up and could barely squeeze into it. My mom could get hers on, but it didn't look right.

I'm just not sure how two custom dresses could be so off given that we gave them all the measurements. And especially from a website that seems to have pretty positive reviews.

Difficult Secretary

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How can I proceed and eliminate any further difficulties without changing doctors? Do I write the doctor(s) about his difficult secretary? Do I contact someone else?

Student Loan bad service

So I'm currently unemployed and applied for a deferment on my student loans. I got notification that it was approved. Then I got a bill in December. So I contacted them and they had no record of my deferment. So I applied again, but I still haven't heard back. And I got another bill along with a threatening note about consequences if I don't pay. I'm honestly not sure what to do at this point because I have no money, I'm living at home, and my parents don't have the money to make a payment either.

Bad dental service

Apple Dental Center sucks!

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First, you have to do the receptionist's job by entering your own information into the computer. Then they usher you into a cubicle-style "exam room" where anyone in the back can see and hear you. When I booked the appointment, I told them I was looking for an oral surgeon to do an extraction because my previous oral surgeon is out for the holidays. They booked me in, knowing they did not have an oral surgeon available. I did not find that out until it was too late.

The hygienist was brusque, hurting me pretty bad attempting an x-ray by tearing my mouth at the corner and hitting the infected tooth repeatedly. When I went through this with a previous molar on the other side, my x-rays were painless. I told her she was hurting me, but she forced the tearing anyway until I physically pushed her off of me. We did get the x-rays, but only after I dealt with her doing the same again and me just dealing with the pain while she snapped at me to move my tongue. I have limited movement of it because I'm tongue-tied.

Then the dentist-in-a-box came and told me I would have to go elsewhere to an oral surgeon for the extraction because of my medical history. He didn't even examine me; he knew he couldn't do anything. There is no reason to deceive people into coming in and paying you for services you know they will have to do all over again with someone else.

I left because I don't generally give people money to injure me, and they kept yelling to tell me I had to stop and pay. I told them that I didn't HAVE to do anything, and walked out. I told them they could send me to collections if they want. (Probably a bad customer moment but oh well.)

They called and left me a
voicemail, saying they were reporting me to the police for theft of services. I have to ask: What services? A half-assed x-ray?

Luckily I got an appointment for an actual oral surgeon for tomorrow. I just can't wait until my other guy gets back into town.

Crappy dental clinics like this one are the reason people get scared of the dentist. I've had so many bad medical experiences that now when something feels wrong, I get up and leave.

On top of everything else....it's POURING

Ok, a little back story here. My car died. On a VERY busy freeway, I'm not sure HOW far from home (it took me about three hours to walk home, because I couldn't call home) There I was, driving along, car started to slow, then sputter, then just, well....died. Possibly the battery, possibly a number of things. Well, a 93 olds....with a LOT of miles on her.

That isn't the major suckage.

Hubby calls the insurance company we've been using for both our cars since we've had them. Now, we've been paying said insurance for all those year, never been late, only made a couple of claims. I don't believe we're bad customers. We get the automated call from insurance company that they have taken hubbies payment for a tow, they have called the tow company, we don't have to call them. They will be where my car is in about 40 minutes. We bugger on out there, in a hurry since we've only got about 15 minutes.

There my car is, in all her wet rusting glory. All alone. We get to her, park right behind her. Hubby takes this flashy thingamabob he's got, puts it in the rear window, to add to the four way flashers. Making sure, in the rain, haze, fog and such that people can SEE us, and so can the tow truck.

Hour later, cop stops. Asks what is going on, we explain. He calls his dispatcher, who calls said tow company. They never got any message from insurance company. But, they do send the tow truck out, who FINALLY gets there, gets my car home so we can let it set there (I've no money to get car fixed at this time) and we pay AGAIN.

Seems the insurance company never sent the information TO the tow company....certainly not the info we had already paid. Until AFTER we got my car towed home and paid AGAIN.

Then, when hubby calls, they also have the gall to wish us both 'happy holidays'

Yeah...I wanted to happy their holiday right up to their ears.

Mail-Order Pharmacy

So, I'm prescribed a new medication by my doc (Ampyra, if anyone's curious). It comes with a 2-month trial supply, which arrived by mail no problem. As the 2nd month started, I confirmed that I did want to continue on the drug, so the prescription was sent to Aetna specialty pharmacy. This is where the fun begins....

4 weeks out - Ampyra company confirms I want to continue; they send the prescription to Aetna. I'm told that I HAVE to go through their specialty mail pharmacy, not just the local Kroger. Aetna will call me in 2-3 days to work out details.

3 weeks out - I call Aetna because I haven't heard anything. They have no idea what I'm talking about. I call Ampyra, they sent the prescription 6 days prior. Ampyra calls Aetna, and end up re-sending the prescription. I'm told Aetna will call me in 2-3 days.

2 weeks out - I call Aetna. It's in 'processing', and I will be called in... 2-3 days.

1.5 weeks out - I'm starting to stress a little - this not really a medicine that is good for a cold-turkey withdrawal. I call Aetna. Everything is set, they were trying to figure out benefits. It should be shipped in less than 48 hours.

1 week out - I check the website to see if it has actually shipped. It did, delivery was attempted, and then it was being returned to sender. They shipped it to my WORK address. With a Saturday delivery.... I work at a school. No wonder no one could sign for it. They had my home address on file as my primary address. Everything they've ever sent has been to my home address. I don't even know...

Monday (yesterday) - I call AGAIN. I'm now down to my last 3 days. WHERE ARE MY PILLS??? According to the rep, they will re-send them out THAT day. I will receive them TODAY. After much badgering, I stuck to my guns for no signature, because I'm at work all day, and don't want a missed delivery.

Today - I get a phone call from Aetna. Apparently my package was stranded in Kentucky (I'm in Ohio). Again, IDK. IDEK. IDEFK. GAAHHHH!! I'm ready to pull my hair out! They promised it will be here tomorrow, I really pray it will be. I have pills for tomorrow morning and tomorrow evening, and then I'm out. And they only do 30 day supplies. Given this took a month, I am seriously considering putting my re-fill order in now...

Best Buy Bad Service

For a variety of reasons, I decided to order Ant-Man from Best Buy on 12/5, along with a couple of CDs.

The Saga BeginsCollapse )

It hasn't actually reshipped yet, so maybe someone will realize this is kinda crap CS. Looks like they did, but… well, see the update.

Tl,dr: Best Buy screws up order, makes me wait until 9 days before Xmas to do anything, and then cheaps out on shipping without seeing if this might be a problem.

UpdateCollapse )

Update 2:Electric BoogalooCollapse )
So it's Christmas soon. As such, me and the next door neighbours are having a lot of parcels delivered. Only thing is, we've already had about 10 or so parcels arrive at our houses that don't actually belong to us at all. They've got our house numbers on, but they belong to 58 Puppy Street instead of 58 Kitten Street, which is our address. How hard is it to understand that this is Kitten Street and not Puppy Street? Same house number, different street. Who knew it could be so confusing? It just keeps bloody happening. And it's not just one street either. We've had addresses with 58 Bunny Street, and also completely different numbers on. We've had parcels delivered with our street name, but wrong house number. It's so infuriating, because we're essentially doing their job for them, because we have to deliver the bloody things ourselves.

Do you not understand 'Fragile'?

So, I sent my BFF a carepackage Nov. 9th. Not much, really. Just a bunch of snacks and things, because she's been depressed and doesn't get treats often. I figured this would be nice! And it's only turned into a headache.

Now, last year around Feb./Mar. I sent her my old computer. It wasn't top of the like, but it was still pretty good, and since I built myself a new one, I thought she'd like to be able to play games. We padded it well, took utmost care, only for it to arrive with the case basically bent in half with tears in the metal. Thankfully, she had an extra case, and the internal stuff was undamaged.We thought it was a one-time issue. Nope.
If anything, this package is worse. Sent it up there the 9th. Said it would arrive on the 14th. I was like 'Cool not too long' since it's going from Texas to Tennesee. 14th passed. Nothing arrived, and the tracking number didn't work. Waited a few days. Nope, nothing. So we went up there to ask about it, and see why the tracking number wasn't working. Got an earful from the lady at the front desk, basically blaming us for not sending it priority then huffing that the tracking number OBVIOUSLY worked, even though we tried it multiple times, on different machines to see if it was on our end. I was like ok, what ever, maybe she just fixed it when she went in the back. So we check it at home. The tracking number said it hadn't left our postoffice. Weird, but what ever. We gave it another week. Nothing changed. So, we called customer service. Well, what do you know, someone wasn't scanning the codes, and it got damaged during travel. Very damaged. Like the box ripped open and things destroyed levels of damaged. Right now, we're sort of waiting in limbo because they asked us how much it cost, and they want to 'find the extent' of the damage. So who knows what's going to happen.
The fact that this is the second package that was royally messed up getting sent up there, has pretty much made use decide to never use USPS again.


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