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Damp and cranky

Four years ago I moved into my current apartment, a basement one. A few months after I moved, my ceiling started to leak during a rain storm. I called up maintenance to let them know what was going on, and he showed up with a bucket and scraped off the plaster where it was leaking to find out what was going on. After a bit of investigation he determined that the rain was being blown under the balcony of the apartment above me and travelling over the boards where it started leaking in my living room. He said he couldn't fix it while everything's wet, so in a couple days after it dries he'd go out and plug everything up. No problem, things happen.

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Continued from my last post. In summary: delivery was supposed to come on Friday, didn't. Got rerouted for a Click and Collect on Saturday, it never showed.

I was told my parcel will be ready to collect on Monday by noon. At 12.07pm, I got a text saying that the delivery did not happen. Estimated date for new delivery: 26th June 2015.
Which, I think you'll notice, is the date from last Friday. So apparently my delivery is going to arrive three days in the past.

Sent them a complaint, got an automated "we pride ourselves in replying within 90 minutes". It's been nearly three hours (180 minutes) and no response.

I paid £8 for delivery and so far, they haven't delivered.

I recently stayed at the Kalahari Resort for Colossalcon this year and had some not-so-good experiences with the venue. The convention itself was absolutely fantastic, I had a blast and will totally return for next year's event. The hotel itself however... not so happy with.

The major complaint I have is towards the Ivory Coast resteraunt. While the food was wonderful (The cranberry chicken salad is to die for!), the service was horrendous. It took an hour and a half for my group to get our food. We ordered at around 6:30pm and didn't get our food until nearly 8pm. When the waitress came by to explain why our food had taken so long to arrive she stated that apparently the "printer in the back" wasn't working. Are. You. Kidding. Me. The only upside to this is that she took 10% off our total bill (which really wasn't much now that I think about it).

The second goes to Cafe Manjaro and what happened with my friend. While part of this can be blamed on the sheer amount of people at Colossalcon (seriously the entire hotel was booked solid), the girls working the cafe were awful. My friend ordered a grilled cheese sandwich, the simplest item on the menu. It takes over an hour for him to get it, and this was after watching several people get their food orders promptly before his ever arrived. Talk about rude as hell. No compensation was offered this time.

Indy Pop Con

This is from my review I posted to their Facebook account. Hands down the worst con going experience I have ever had.

If I could give this zero stars, I would. My friend and I both bought VIP passes in May. They were 100 dollars and proved to be utterly useless. The ADVERTIZED perks of the VIP badge were that the VIP attendee would be able to line jump on 1 autograph line, 1 photo op line, and 3 panels in addition to an half hour early access to the con and access to a VIP "lounge". We bought these tickets for the line jumps, plain and simple. Did we get to use that aspect? NO. I'm from Pittsburgh, Pa. I drove in to Indiana on Friday and my friend and I got to the convention on noon on Saturday. We were told at the registration desk that they had just taken a group of VIPs back in to the signing for the Youtubers and since we were going to be here on Sunday, to just come back Sunday at 9am. We were not given a ticket nor were tickets mentioned at this point. Then we tried to attend the 4:30 panel, got there at 3:00 and waited around for them to clear the VIP section. This did not happen. Found some seats in the VIP section after having some non VIP people kicked out. Apparently people camped there the entire day. (Which by the way, is not courteous to any of the other panel presenters, and the con should have cleared out at least the VIP section.) Even during the 4:30 panel, we noticed many, many non VIP people in the VIP section. So why buy a VIP pass if you can just sneak in?

The biggest issue came on Sunday. When we arrived at 8:40am, we were told that the Youtubers signing line was already capped, and even though we had VIP passes, with this mythical line jumping power, we were not allowed to use it. We were told we had to have tickets and that we were told to arrive at 7:30am. This is a bold faced lie. Never was there mention of having a ticket and in no uncertain terms were we told to arrive at 7:30am.

We asked for a refund. We were told no. In fact, they laughed at us when we asked. Even a partial compensation, to say, a 3 day pass was not offered. Noting. No explanation. They stole our money and ran with it. A family we met from NC was threatened to be arrested and escorted off the premises for asking for a refund. Another couple was promised a refund on Saturday and they reneged on that promise on Sunday. These people are con men, and I don't mean "convention". I told the guy in charge that I was in contact with the local media and he said "good for you." I have never been treated so disrespectfully. They stole our money. They advertised certain perks for VIPS and did not deliver. That is false advertisement. They gave priority to day pass people, especially Friday attendees by allowing them back on Saturday and Sunday to sign.

The only silver lining to this monstrosity of a con were the vendors. They were very kind and helpful. They actually cared about the attendees, unlike the people running IndyPopCon. Also would like to thank Foxtrot44 aka Molly, who was an angel. We appreciate her kindness.


I recently qualified as a first aider so I decided, in line with that, to purchase a first aid kit of my own. Since I am a freelancer, I don't always know where my nearest first aid kit is in the building I'm teaching in, so I thought it would be best to get my own.

I order it, it says I will be notified of when the delivery driver is in my area so that I'm home. I get given an hour window, an hour and twenty minutes goes by and the driver doesn't turn up. Tracking just says "will arrive in [time window]" with no mention of delays. It takes me forever to find a contact number for the customer services, who then tell me that the delivery driver has been calling me frequently because he can't gain access to my flat.
Except he's only called once, and I have been calling him back to no answer. And my flat isn't difficult to get into- buzz entry that's clearly shown and not once did the buzzer go off.

I finally get in contact with the driver and he says his electronic signing thing was broken and he was in a neighbouring village waiting for someone to come out with a replacement. Giving up all hope of getting my kit before I leave for work, I arranged for a redelivery to a nearby shop for the next day. The company said they'd send out a text to let me know when it would be there- first thing in the morning- and I can go out to get it.

It's now mid-afternoon, I have received no contact and my tracking page hasn't changed since yesterday when I changed my delivery option. I know the depot itself isn't that far away, so there's no reason for it to not be there already.

Beginning to wonder if they're actually bothering to send it out.

Dealership Service Department Woes

My grandmother's car is a chevy, and so she insists upon having it serviced at a chevy dealership.  We usually have it serviced at the dealership she bought it from, many years ago, that's a town away from ours, roughly thirty-forty minutes away. (We live in a VERY small town.) However, not only have we become dissatisfied with their service in recent years (They keep trying to make us pay for more 'repairs' than are necessary when I take the car in. I suspect this is because I am female.), but the brakes went out completely and as we have another chevy dealership in our town, my father didn't think it necessary to pay extra to have the car towed further when "A dealership is a dealership."

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Bizarre WTF?

Overall, B&N has been wonderful about a problem I had with a recent order, so I'm not sure how this happened.

Basically, yesterday, after hearing nothing for 4 days about their progress on getting me my missing items, I called just to make sure the order was in the system. I spoke to a helpful woman, and she assured me it was.

Today I received an email containing a PDF of the return label for my Nook.

Great, except I don't have a Nook and I'm not supposed to be returning anything.

Apparently, the woman I spoke to yesterday put this in the system, but I haven't the foggiest idea why.

USPS mail not being forwarded

I don't honestly know if this qualifies as truly bad service, but it IS a problem and it's bugging the crap out of me, so here goes...

Once you put in a change of address with the USPS, how long is it supposed to take for mail to start getting forwarded? Read more...Collapse )

EDITED TO ADD: Well, woudn't you know it--the day after I posted this, we started getting forwarded mail at your new address! Go figure. I'm still going to check the box at the old place for the next few days to be absolutely sure nothing's going there, but I feel like the problem is probably solved at this point. Thanks for all the comments!

Jun. 16th, 2015

This was the WORST experience I've ever had. I'll put it in a cut, because it's long and I apologize for the length but it was already an emotional weekend and this made it a million times worse.

My grandmother passed away in September 2014, three days before my wedding. My gramma was my rock in life, she was the one person I looked up to the most. She was an adorable, loved and loving woman. Her and my Papa had just celebrated 56 years of marriage.

My Gramma"s MemorialCollapse )

A smaller note, Karma works fast. Shortly after we told them they shouldn't be trying to gouge people in mourning for money at the funeral of a person who helped build the campground, a couple tough looking guys on bikes came in. One guy apparently asked the owner to see a camp site apparently, and while the owner was escorting them to show the camp site, another guy robbed the office, and took all the money the owner had stolen from the memorial-goers. The police were there for most of the night looking into it.

Kudos to the old owners of the campground though, who not only attended the memorial to pay respects for my Gramma, but catered it out of their own pocket.

Jun. 10th, 2015

So this is partially my fault for not verifying completely. But still.

So, I'm currently studying for the bar and my roommate currently has some health issues that mean she's not supposed to be doing more physical labor than she has to. So our apartment has gotten kind of messy. And it was getting to be time for the annual inspection. So I decide to hire a maid service for a one-time clean.

Now, part of our lease is that we have to have the carpets cleaned once a year. And the inspection person also specified that we had to get our carpets done. So when I put in the request to the cleaning service, I listed the things we needed done and included the carpet.

So they came for an estimate. And when they came I again listed the things we needed done and included the carpets. She gave me a quote, I said fine, and we scheduled the service.

So today they come and they clean, and they don't do the carpet. So I ask her about it, and she says they don't do carpets.

So now I'm going to have to hire a carpet-specific service, pay more money, and hope I can find one that has an appointment time some time in the next 10 days because that's when we have to have stuff done by.
I'm an avid reader of my local Yelp pages because I'm constantly looking for places to try out or to know where to avoid in this case.

It's a screen cap in case it gets taken down at some point.

(Trigger warning, sexual harassment and victim blaming involved):
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So now the Yelp page has turned into people leaving negative reviews given the situation. Hint to business owners, word of mouth is like wild fire when your business is locally driven like a restaurant. Try taking people's complaints more seriously and exercising better judgement!

a vent and a question

We moved in with my grandmother (aka gma) back in 08 after my grandpa died because she could't handle running a house by herself and didn't want to move or live in a retirement community. In the last few years, her health problems have gotten worse, to the point that some days she can't leave the house. it gets a little long ... sorry.Collapse )

In A Pickle

I have a lot of food allergies so there are very few places I can either A) AFFORD or B) Eat safely. There is a Red Robin about 20 minutes from my house that in the past has been GREAT. And on the food allergy angle, they are. But... I hate pickles. I loathe them. They are disgusting. Foul. And I always tell them BURGER. Lettece. Tomato. Onion. Only. And in the past everything has been fine.

But now it's gotten to be every damn time they put pickles on my burger. I'm on my 5th or 6th burger now. Yes, I call and they make me a new burger or comp me one, but this is just getting ridiculous. I spoke to the manager and said this is getting out of hand. He agreed. I do love the staff there but someone in the kitchen needs to learn to READ. And now I'm going to have to remember to check my order because the 40 minute round trip for a burger isn't getting to be worth it.

But there are just some nights I am sooo tired and too tired to cook. I wish there was a closer one.

Falsifying Signatures!

I work by myself on Fridays because we run a Monday-Thursday schedule here at our warehouse for production guys.

So I don't receive freight on Fridays. I don't drive a forklift and most of the time I'm not even here all day long.

Today I was an idiot and left my office door unlocked when I ran to get some lunch across the street. I took my car, since I've been ill and walking longer than necessary in the heat is not a good choice. My point of that is that the parking lot is completely bare of cars. No cars. No people in sight.

So I get back from lunch and I have a delivery receipt from UPS FREIGHT. These are deliveries that always require a signature. It just says "Dropped in bay area.". I look into my shop and there's a pallet, in the middle of my bay area full of heavy crap. I'm extra annoyed because I was planning on using that bay today too, I was going to ship out things. So I had to go dig a pallet jack out of the warehouse and figure out how to use that in a cramped space, thanks for the work-out though?

Naturally I'm enraged and called to file a complaint. I will give UPS Freight customer service and their local terminal manager the respect of handling the situation well. Especially when we found out this dingleberry signed for the shipment under a false name. It has the last name was "Smith" in their electronic system. Nice move, I see you picking a really common name and hoping it works. You would have won if you were here twelve years ago, the last time we had a Smith who worked here. I however am a one person office and have less than a dozen guys working here that I do payroll for every week. So yeah, you tried and you failed. Have fun with your write up for falsifying a delivery receipt, bro.

Well that just takes the CAKE.

I've been meaning to complain to our apartment for awhile because of things that are minor but very annoying. We moved here on Christmas Eve and were told the closet doors in the master bedroom were too small and would be replaced shortly, for example, yet we've lived here five months and still haven't gotten the new doors. Another complaint is it taking 3 weeks for the screens for our living room window to be delivered and replace.

But now, what takes the cake, is they're raising the rent when our lease is up. But not just a typical jump. Y'see, when we moved in we got a special price of $875 for rent and $75 for Water/Sewer/Garbage. (Normally it's $950 for rent and $75 for W/S/G, but because we were being referred by the sister complex of our apartment, where we'd been accepted initially, they were willing to do $950 total.) They're now raising it to $1,050 and $85 W/S/G, not included.

We... we just can't afford that. There's three of us, but all three of us are disabled and live on two fixed incomes. So we're going to talk to the manager tomorrow and see if there's a way we can fix this, but I'm not terribly hopeful.

Other problems include:
how the neighbor downstairs and across the hall from us pounded on our door one night because my 2 year old had woken up screaming at 11ish from tooth pain;
that same neighbor smoking in the hallway when it's a no-smoking facility;
our neighbor across our landing having a very loud, very obnoxious visitor at four am;
our downstairs neighbors having dogs that bark at everyone who walks passed their apartment or door, at all hours;
and the fact that the previous tenants were drug dealers and so we occasionally get their former customers at our door.

...Also, this place is not worth $950, let alone over $1,000.

Needless to say we're all a mite upset. And I'm actually quite panicked. (Though as soon as I heard our leases would be 6-month increments, I suspected this sort of underhanded shit would come down the pipeline.)

Am I the bad seller?

Just putting this out here in the community, as I'm not sure whether this qualifies as bad service or just... idk.

I'm selling heaps of old stuff on ebay because I inherited my grandfather's house. Fifty years and two generations of stuff from a three bed house = tons and tons of stuff. As a consquence, I'm on ebay an awful lot.

I sold a jumper for £1.20, and listed it on the description as

A smart blue jumper from a well known and reliable brand, this M&S item is from their Blue Habour Range. It fits a size large or 41-43 inches across the chest. It's made from a cotton blend, mostly cotton. Is in great condition!

I took the sizing straight from the label, and left it as that as I had no reason to suspect otherwise. Come back today, and got this message from the buyer:

"Hi [Snow]

Jumper arrived, it's nice, in good condition, and got here quickly, but ... " It fits a size large or 41-43 inches across the chest." Afraid not. It measures 25" a/p to a/p that's a 50" actual chest size, way too big for for a M&S L (41-43), more like an XL (44-46") despite what the label says. I blame myself for not having asked you for the a/p to a/p dimension. Please if you sell any shirts/jumpers in the future don't say "suitable for" tell people what the actual dimension is. I only paid £4.15 (incl postage) so it's not the end of the world, just a bit annoying.

[Buyer McBuyerson]."

So... the label said 41-43 inches, and because I don't have deal with men's clothing on a regular basis apart from this, was I wrong to base it on the label? I didn't know you had to measure rather than just trust it. Women's clothing is more like a lottery so... I dunno.

What says you, B_S?

Gardening from the Wrong Perspective

We're cultivating a newly cleared plot of land at our house. Filling it with plants has meant patronizing both Big Box Stores™ and small local nurseries alike. Mostly it's a labor of love, but a couple of merchants have inspired moments of real WTF-ery.

About ten days ago I placed an online order with a nursery in the Pacific NW, which seemed to be taking a long time to process. After an email query they finally put the cc charge through, but chastised me that I "should" have specified the plants were needed ASAP. That was the first warning sign.

Three business days later, no tracking number had been generated (delivery to my region is strictly 3-day UPS.) I started to pull up some of this company's online reviews to see if maybe I'd gotten myself into a bad business transaction.

Oh, dear. :/ Collapse )

UPS Bad Service

So I had about 6 packages coming to me via UPS. Most were clothes, but one of them was the materials for my bar review course and very important. So, anyway, my apartment complex requires everything to be signed. The UPS guy used to always come between 3 and 4, but the last few weeks they have not been following any sort of schedule.

So I'm expecting the packages Wednesday, so I come home as soon as I can. I get home at 2:15 and there is a notice on the door. So I missed the driver. However, the notice says that it is the second notice for one of the packages. Only I did not get any notice on Tuesday.

So since there is no way I can be home on Thursday, I call the phone number. I give them the info number from the notice given to me. That notice says that 4 packages were attempted to be delivered. So the person on the phone says the only thing I can do is pay $6 to have the packages delivered to the UPS store.

Now, the UPS store here is not easy to get to. I have no car, and there is no bus that goes there. But I figured I could find a ride, so I said fine and paid. And I did find a ride there today. Only to discover that only one of the packages was sent there.

So I went online, and I was able to get the tracking number for the bar review materials. I went on the website and saw that supposedly the driver made an attempt to deliver it on Thursday. He left no notice. Again. And now it is being returned to sender.

So I called customer service and tried to explain what was going on. The lady on the phone only said that even though the info notice included this package, it really didn't and it wasn't their fault that only one of the packages was sent to the store. And then she hung up on me before I could even finish.

I've emailed them. Their stupid email system only allows 500 characters, but I tried to make it as strongly worded as possible. We'll see what happens. But I'm really pissed off. I need those books. I'm mad at the diver for not leaving notices and for the person on the phone not doing what he was supposed to do and for the second phone person being unhelpful and hanging up on me.
Firstly, thank you all for your comments, I've never been through this before, and I have learned a valuable lesson about using my cc online (especially with Walmart!). I will never shop there online again.

This is an update about this post.

Rang my cc issuer. They said to keep an eye on things, it usually "expires" after 5 days if they don't "settle" and collect the money (which would be bad), but call Walmart, anyway. If they settle and collect the money, then I'm to call back and they'll escalate me to dispute the transaction, they'd send me paperwork in the mail, I'd have to fill it out, and send it back, and then once they get it, it could take up to three weeks to see any action. Uhhhh... I thanked them for their time and called Walmart. They said since the transaction on their end was cancelled, the money's still technically in my account, hence the "pending" status. Gave me an invoice # and an authorization code, and said it could take up to 4 hours for it to drop away. I called my cc issuer back, they said no, that if they don't touch the money in 5 days after the transaction was cancelled, then it'll kick back over to my cc, that they can't do diddly about it. Alright, fine. Tomorrow is day 5. They have till dinner time (9p my time) to get it back on my card. If my card does not reflect that "pending" transaction as being "expired" and that $1,007.28 is NOT back on my card, I will call back and escalate it to someone who will help.

I do not do running in circles. I do not have the time, the patience, and I am not willing to tolerate it.

To be continued.
Looks like I have to call today when I wake up and get lucid. :( The other night, I was going to order a new laptop and a new Chromebook online. The total came out to $1,007 and change for two laptops and a Chromebook (IT WAS GREEN!) but Walmart canceled my order. I still have the e-mail from them saying my order had been canceled. I went to Walmart to the store itself and bought the two laptops I was going to order, in person, and what I thought was a Chromebook but it's a Netbook Stream (which is fine, I can use that one for work, as I work from home). HOWEVER, I just looked at my account online for my card, and it's still saying "pending cash transaction" for that amount that I was going to be charged for the online order??? The hell??? The purchase I made in person went through fine. It was a little more than the $1,007 and change that I spent in person, and that's fine, and I'm glad it went through, but if cancelled my order online (and I can back it up with the e-mail should they inquire), why is it still saying "pending" on my card history? I'm going to get to the bottom of this, but I need to be caffeinated and have slept first, or I am going to get evil and it isn't the poor rep's fault who answers the phone.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this, not necessarily with Walmart, but with other business transactions similar to this one? I'm confused.

This is the e-mail they sent me the other night just a little while after they"d thanked me for my orderCollapse )

I'm going to call both my card issuer AND and find out how to fix this.

To be continued...

(edited to include e-mail verifying cancelled order)

ASDA returns shambles

I bought a bunch of clothes from ASDA online and had to return three things because they didn't fit. They provide a free returns service via Collect+, a courier service accessed through small local shops (i.e. you can drop your parcel off at the corner shop where you buy your milk or whatever). Handy!

A few days later I got an email from ASDA confirming they'd received my return and that they would issue my refund shortly. The same day, I got a refund via Paypal for £10 (the value of one of the items). Fifteen minutes later, I got a refund for £4 (the value of another of the items). I was waiting on another £4 for the last item but it didn't come.

I emailed their customer service department and they called me back a couple of days later (maybe it's just me but it bugs me when companies don't reply in the way you contacted them - if I'd wanted to sort this on the phone, I'd have called you!). The thing I can't get my head around is that they refused to refund me because I couldn't provide the Collect+ tracking reference. They had already confirmed the parcel arrived, and refunded me for 2/3 of it, but wouldn't do anything else if I couldn't give them a reference - the only function of which would be to confirm they'd received my parcel. Which they already knew.

I couldn't find my receipt (I think I got rid of it when I got the 'return received' email from ASDA) and insisted that they find a way to refund me without it. I was put on hold for a minute and hey presto, they agreed to issue my refund. Still waiting on the refund email from Paypal though...

Bad Haircut

I generally go to the Toni & Guy salon in Birmingham for haircuts.  However, this time I decided to go to the one in Solihull, which is closer to where I work, because I figure it'll be easier to get to for follow-up fringe-trims.

In which I am patronised, have uneven hair, and am invited to pay to fix itCollapse )

Do what?

So, yesterday I was supposed to go to the hospital for a simple blood draw. I do not have a car, so I arranged transportation through my insurance. Thursday night the transportation guy calls me and leaves a voice mail on my cell phone that he was going to be here at 1245 to pick us up yesterday afternoon to go get my labs done, right, I didn't see the phone message until my fiance' got home, b/c he had my cell phone with him.

Well, yesterday at a quarter after eleven, we get a phone call from the guy saying are we ready to leave? No, because you said 1245. He argues that he said 1145 in his voice mail. Uh, no. I have the voicemail, I can back up what I'm saying, I will show you. He said, Fine, be ready by 1145. So, we had to rush to get ready to leave, get our dog walked, and be out the door. Come 1145, he's not here. He called and said he was outside. We go outside, and he's not there. Nowhere to be found. I call him, he says, "Oh, my bad, I didn't pay attention to the numbers. I'm going to go pick someone else up, I'll be back, is that okay?" No, it is not okay! I tell him so, and he says he'll be back, but he's rude about how he's talking to me, like because I'm a female, I cannot stand up to him and call him out on his mistake. That was his tone. Real condescending. That pissed me smooth the fuck off, but I held my tongue. He goes, "I'll be back at 1156. Be ready." He hangs up, I held in my anger until the call ended, and I let out a snarl. 1156, no driver. I call again, and he goes, "I'm on my way. Be ready." I told him, "You said first 1245 last night, you dared tell me today that you said no you didn't say that, that you said 1145. I can prove to you that you are in the wrong. Then you tell us you're outside, we come outside, you're not here. Then you said you're going to pick someone else up because you didn't pay attention to the numbers on the buildings. This is not acceptable, and I am reporting you. I want a new driver." I hang up on him, tell my fiance' what happened, and he's by now getting pissed, too, and he's usually pretty mellow. Just as I'm about to call my insurance to talk to Access to Care, my phone rings. I answer, and it's Access to Care! Some manager person copped a tone with me about how I'm no longer welcome to use their service because I threatened to report the driver. I called him incompetent and that's not alright. I told the driver I did not appreciate being talked down to because I am a woman, and that's not alright. Somehow that is a "racial slur." What?! Okay, whatever. I've got a couple friends I can give gas money to, and I'll coordinate around their schedules. It's your karma, dude.

Anyone who knows me knows I am in no way a racist. How, I ask, is it a racial slur when I tell the driver I'm reporting him for this mistake?! How is it alright to take the word of a driver who can't do their job right over the customer!? No. Just . . .no.

Church's Chicken bad_service

Today, my fiance' and a friend of ours and I decided to go to lunch. We hadn't had Church's in a long time, and our friend hadn't ever had them before, so we decided to go there.

Now, we get it that there's a such thing as lunch rush. That's not the problem. The problem is, when there's two people manning the counter, and there's only one person working on orders, that is an issue. The spare person at the counter wasn't even running the drive through, she was just standing there with her thumb up her ass.

We were there for nearly 15 minutes in line waiting for these people to see us standing there. One gal was getting ready to leave for the day, and the manager was bitching at her about someone else they had working on the schedule tonight that might call off and she was complaining about that. In front of customers. We were all really uncomfortable standing there listening to this.

After about 15 minutes, I got sick of waiting and waiting and we were all hungry and my sugar was starting to drop (yay, hypoglycaemia!), so I suggested to my companions we go next door to Wendy's for lunch, instead. The girl that was just standing there behind the counter just gave us a nasty look as we thanked them and politely left. I don't know if I should call corporate and lodge a complaint? I know that this area isn't the greatest neighbourhood, but that is not an excuse to just stand there and do nothing when you are being paid to work. When you have customers, paying customers who want to order, don't just stand there, do your job. The manager just stood there and was complaining to one of the workers about the other worker that might or might not call off tonight and if he does, he's not going to be working on the schedule Saturday because one of the other gals that evidently works there won't work with him Saturday if he calls off tonight. Uh, how is that appropriate conversation to have in front of your customers? I don't get it.

Maybe it's just me and I'm wrong, but this is bull. And my companions all agreed, we're not going back to that Church's.

Apr. 21st, 2015

We've used the same vendor for paint supplies for decades. A great track record of always paying on time, they always ship immediately, it's a great relationship!

Until just now.

I didn't realize I hadn't received an invoice for our last order. It must have gotten lost in the mail. I've worked in bookkeeping for over a decade, it's rare but it happens, it's the USPS after all. That's why we contact each other after an invoice is past-due to ask "Did you receive this? Let's make sure that our books match". That's why most companies send you an account statement if you have open invoices.

Instead of calling or emailing or re-mailing an invoice/statement/request for payment about six weeks after the fact, they just put a freeze on our account.

So what happened was I put in another order, instead of shipping immediately I get a call from the "Controller" of the company. The message just says "I'm looking for your accounts payable, please call me when you get a chance." No extra information, since that would be too easy so that I would have the answer when I called back and get to the point. Most messages in this fashion should say "I have a question about a past-due invoice" or something. My books show I have no past-due or open invoices in general, so I could have immediately responded with "We don't have a copy of it, send it over and I'll send you a check immediately!" It's pretty standard procedure for any company to company transaction regarding AP/AR.

I understand collections, I am also a huge fan of freezing accounts when they are repeat offenders and magically drop off the face of the Earth when you try to contact them. However proper manners tend to to give someone at least one warning and it usually takes more than a couple weeks past due to freeze an account. That's tacky, inconsiderate and lazy in my professional opinion.

I called Customer Service, asked them nicely to cancel the order. Then once it was off our pending orders list, made sure to let the Controller know that there are too many other options for what they supply to put up with that sort of behavior. No response from them about my annoyance.

This isn't the worst bad_service by any means but it's obnoxious poor bookkeeping and business behavior!

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