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Nov. 17th, 2015

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TL;dr: saw a PA for problems, she was wrong...yay Doctor for fixing me.

Amazon this time!

I ordered a Animal Crossing Isabella plush toy on November 5th, with two day shipping because of my Amazon Prime membership. I needed the two days because I'm planning on sending it overseas as a Christmas gift, and I want to ensure it has enough time to get there in the mail.

It was supposed to arrive today by the latest, but it hadn't shipped last night, which made me suspicious, but I have had good experience with Amazon in the past, I thought it'd work itself out somehow.

I was wrong. Today I checked on the package and it said delivery date on the 19th or 20th. This seems silly, but I paid extra for a service of free two-day shipping, why is it going to take two weeks? (Yes, I did confirm I ordered it from Amazon, it was Prime eligible, and I had selected two-day shipping).

So I called in, hoping to resolve it, because when things have gone wrong (with USPS and the cat food) they've been so good as to fix it promptly. However, I had a hard time understanding the representative, thus my unclear understanding of what exactly has happened, but here's my summary:

He checked, and the credit card I used needed to be refreshed. (Why? It was the same card. I had already paid on the 5th. Was I going to get charged again? No, he assured me, after many times of me asking this and him not answering. I had already paid, he confirmed.)
He updated the shipping address. (Same shipping address btw).
He double-checked the stock, only 5 left. (Yes, it was like that when I ordered it. I've never had problems before. In fact I just ordered the last two of something, and one is arriving within 2 days, the other on the 3rd day -- I guess it has longer to go, understandably, but it isn't 2 weeks.)
He kept telling me the delivery date was the 19th and 20th. I kept saying I didn't understand (because I didn't?) why it would take two weeks. A bit of a delay sure, but two weeks? Even now, he couldn't even guarantee it'd arrive by Friday.
Then, finally, he offered one day shipping. I asked him, for FREE right? (I didn't want to agree to one day shipping if it wasn't free. If he couldn't offer it, fine, but I didn't want to accept it for a charge). He repeated the offer of one day shipping. (And again, I clarified. FOR FREE, right?) He said, yes, one day shipping for free, because of the delay.
I asked him to confirm the delivery date, and he said November 18th.

At this point I thought this is going nowhere fast. Whether it's due to his computer not letting him do any better, or our miscommunication, I figured there's no point in asking anything else, so I accepted it and dropped it.

I went back in to double check on the order though, just to make sure, and lo and behold, I was being charged for one day shipping.

So in the end, I just cancelled it.

What the heck, Amazon?

Nov. 11th, 2015

Argh. I thought this had been worked out. My doctor gave me the name of a podiatrist a few weeks ago that he referred me to that had appointments. So I went. Three weeks ago I believe. I had a follow up appointment today.

Only the podiatrist called to cancel this morning because they still haven't been paid for the first appointment because the insurance never got the referral.

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I really like my primary care, but if he wasn't my family's doctor I'd change just because of how awful his referral department has been.

UPS Idiocy

It's such a small thing but it's so...effing...frustrating

I have a rather large sign on my door that says "Please use sliding glass door" with an arrow pointing left towards the outer door (go outside, around the building and boom, sliding glass door, plus you can see it right from the parking lot).

...so why the effing hell did you still knock on the door, the sign is IN YOUR FACE, right there, eyeball height, I measured!  The door is blocked off and a pain in my ass to unblock, hence...the sign...and the open sliding glass door.  Gah!

...I now feel for every c_s worker who has complained about moron customers who can'tt read.

Oct. 21st, 2015

Not sure if this is bad service or if I misunderstood the terms (although if so I think it is a least a little WTF to use the words they did).

So I signed up for insurance via the marketplace. I picked one that specificed no deductable and a 1500 "Maximum out of pocket expenses" which I took to mean the most I could be charged for the parts where they cover 80%. There chart definately specified a $0 deductible.

But now the website is telling me I have a 1500 deductible. I'm really confused. How does "maximum out of pocket expenses" mean deductible, and even if it does then they are contradicting themselves.

Am I missing something?

Oct. 13th, 2015

I'm not entirely certain this is bad service. Maybe it is normal to take this long?

So I had a checkup with my doctor a week ago. During that I mentioned to him that I've been having heel pain. he suggested it might be a heel spur and said he'd get me a referral to a podiatrist (my insurance won't cover specialists without a referral). So he put the request in.

It has now been more than a week (the appointment was Monday). Last Thursday I got shooting pain in the side of my foot and couldn't put weight on it. I believe it is tendinitis, probably caused by the slight limp from the heel pain.

So I called the office on Thursday and asked them to put a rush on the referral. The receptionist said they would put ASAP on my file. I called again on Friday because of how much pain I was in. And I called again yesterday. Each time they say they are sending the request again. Yet I still haven't heard anything. I know yesterday was a holiday, but the office was open. I also emailed my primary care doctor through their portal both yesterday and today and have heard nothing from him.

Maybe I'm wrong, but more than a week seems pretty excessive for just getting a referral. And there is no way to speak directly to the referral department.

I'm just not sure what I can do at this point or how long this is going to take. I'm still in a lot of pain, I'm still limping and unable to be up for more than a few minutes.

Oct. 10th, 2015

So, my dad and I are going to see Battle of Five Armies on Wednesday. Or at least I think we are. Fathom Events is doing their tickets for that through Movietickets.com rather than Fandango. So I ordered my tickets and paid for them. But I never got a screen with the tickets or an email with them even though I selected print at home.

I emailed them on Friday and I haven't heard back yet. I'm not sure what else to do. It is getting pretty close to Wednesday, and I'm concerned I won't hear back from them in time.

Edit: Found the customer service number and called them. They resent it. I guess they don't respond to emails?
I'll start by saying I'm really lucky. I've had great USPS service in the year I've lived in the states. Maybe I just lucked out with my post person, IDK, but recently things have been iffy.

I order lots of things on Amazon, sometimes really heavy things too, because it's convenient, and saves me from searching multiple stores (because I still don't know what some stores stock and don't stock).

Last winter, when I ordered really heavy spinning bookshelves that came in 2 packages, sometimes, they'd be delivered on separate days. That's okay, I understand the post person probably couldn't handle both in one day, I'm not upset. There was no notice, or delivery error online though, so I had no reason to do anything, and it showed up the next day. Everything was cool.

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Oct. 1st, 2015

This is getting ridiculous. Twice this month I have had to complain to my local Walmart's manager's over a cashier's attitude after talking with them about something.

Incident A was when I asked a cashier not to bag things heavily and to double bag so that I could carry them since I'm disabled. The eye-roll and the huffing after was totally extra customer service (and another customer backed me up when I complained to the manager about it since those ARE often subjective, one person's eye-roll is another person's random blink).

Incident B was yesterday. I went to pick up my prescriptions and midway through it the cashier just...wonders off. For several minutes (2-5 long enough for my injured knee to start screaming at me and for three other customers to be served next to me) without telling me anything. She finally came back to tell me one of my prescriptions wasn't covered by insurance.

Which I knew. And could have told her, had she just told me why she was about to leave me standing there. I told her this, hoping to save another customer the random wait without warning and she got huffing, slamming my prescriptions into their bags (I didn't even know you could slam things into paper) and being extremely short with me while snapping she was 'just trying to help'...because no communication is always helpful.

Not major things, but both happening in one month at a place I normally get excellent service is a bit weird. Especially since I've been served by the pharmacy cashier/tech before, she's normally wonderful at her job.

Hopefully whatever got IN the water is now out.

ETA: I'm not editing the post because then people get confused, but I said 'complain' in regards to the second incident when I meant 'talk', just to give the manager a head's up. I agree with commentators that she was probably having a bad day and I should have left it. I blame pain for making me bitchy.

There are privacy laws

Dear bank, of which hubby and I have both used for the past over 12 years,
You blew it today.

Not only are you very lax in allowing hubby's cards to be HACKED TWICE IN A ROW WITHOUT YOU DOING A DAMN THING ABOUT IT. Then...your customer service person to whom he is speaking BEGINS TO TELL HUBBY DETAILS ABOUT MY ACCOUNT, OF WHICH HE IS NOT ON, AND HAS NO BUSINESS OF KNOWING. I mean, bad enough you're lax enough, with all that has been going on to allow your customers to get hacked....then telling another person details about an account that he has no business of knowing?

Then...the icing on the cake, you sit there all smug and tell hubby that he and I obviously have problems with money management.

Bank, go to hell. I know for a fact, I'm changing banks. You were ok in the beginning, but this was just it.

edited out the age thing. I get crabby about these kids, now and then.

And really....if a card has been hacked then gets hacked again two weeks later....
I am definately NOT getting another credit card anytime soon.

You shouldn't judge a book by the cover

Once a month, my husband and I go out to lunch or dinner with a friend of ours that my husband used to work with. We always like to try out new places so we tend to check on Yelp for places with lots of good reviews.

This time we tried out a place near downtown Dallas. We got there and the place looked great. Free valet parking in back for the customers and outdoor seating (though we decided to sit inside).

The food was really amazing. Unfortunately, the service was not.Collapse )

Sep. 10th, 2015

So, long story short, but I moved recently to attend graduate school in another province. Unfortunately last night, I locked myself out of my room. For context, my room is in a townhouse which is in a complex that includes family housing and is on the edge of campus. The complex has its own office, but it's not open 24/7. This is important.

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Charter Service Update

So, the move finally happened (and that was a giant cluster fuck of 'employee suck'), charter came at 4pm on install day...

and some how had me moving BACK to my old apartment. *stares*

Thankfully however, with the help of a drop in from a manager, a tech and a trainee who learned how to deal with b_s, I have my original phone number, my internet, two tv's hooked up and my past due magically vanished from my bill (it was a bad two months before the move).

So yay! I DID lose everything when they switched out DVR's, but I'll take losing the last two months of Once Upon a Time for everything working.

Bad form, FedEx Ground!

Okay, normally I don't have issues with FedEx nor UPS. Today, though.....

I ordered an item from Amazon to help my fiance' and I stretch our laundry money out, I signed up for a free trial of Prime to get it in two days. Well, I placed the order on the third, it was supposed to be here today. All signs and tracking pointed to TODAY's THE day for delivery. Well, I was home, my fiance' was home. I was awake, and we have a Dachshund who barks at the tiniest little noise, so if they had in fact knocked, and I didn't hear them, Emily (my Dachshund) would have and alerted us to the noise that there was someone outside.

Not one peep. Not one knock. Not one bark resulting from the knock - that didn't happen.

Not even a notice that they had stopped by!? Ugh.

I took the tracking number that the shipper gave me, my fiance's more patient than I am about talking on the phone, so he offered to call. They got cute and tried to tell me on the website they wouldn't be back till Thursday on the website per the tracking number, so when my fiance' called to find out why, they told him that they'd be back Wednesday, but that's a no-go for me, because I have class that I cannot miss that day. My fiance' can't call off work, and we don't know our neighbours well enough to ask someone to come over here and sit and wait, neither do we know them well enough to ask for the package to be delivered there, and I am not putting someone else out over FedEx's stupidity leak! I guess they tried to get real cute and tell my fiance' they couldn't give him a tracking number, "only the shipper can do that," because they "couldn't find" the tracking number he gave them. THAT'S THE TRACKING NUMBER THE SHIPPER GAVE ME, AND IT WORKED ON THE BLOODY WEBSITE, WHY CAN YOU NOT FIND IT?!

~x( I can't even today. I just can't.

Moving Woes

Recently, my boss decided to move office from his old apartment to ???  He hasn't picked out a spot yet, and as I'm the only employee, I'm content to work from home while he works on that.

We used to have a retail store, so I managed the move of all of the store fixtures from the store all the way across town to the apartment garage just a few months ago.  It went BEAUTIFULLY.  The movers were amazing.  I was thrilled, and I barely had to do a thing (which was great, because it took me a week to take the whole store apart).

Based on that experience, I thought my boss would hire the same team.

But he did not.  He hired Two Men and a Truck.  And here's what happened.
- I showed them all the stuff that needed to be moved.  They complained that it was going to be really hard.
- I explained not once, not twice, but over two dozen times total throughout the day that specific items needed to be in the front of the unit and accessible.  They not only ignored me, but accused me of lying until I reiterated and quoted the specific conversation we had about packing order.
- Store fixtures are large and heavy.  The first things they packed?  Lightweight boxes of hangers.  One by one.  I typically carry three at a time.
- Somewhere around the 30 minute mark, they decided this move (garage and 1 room of stuff- I had everything boxed and ready) would take 5 hours.  They spent the next 30 minutes trying to figure out how to do the paperwork on that.
- One guy complained that he didn't want to work with his shirt on, and then sat down and texted and played with the mannequins.
- He also brought me a box labeled "Small Tools and Screws," shook it several times and told me it sounded like broken glass, and he didn't break it.
- While pointing out a ding on one of the fixtures, managed to drop mannequins on the driveway, scuffing them.
- After 1 hour, half the garage was still waiting to be packed.
- Complained they couldn't pick up some of the heavy items.
- Took them half an hour to get from the garage to the apartment.  They aren't connected, but when I left, they were putting the door down and getting ready to move.  It's about a 30 yard distance.
- Started taking things out of the apartment using our dolly... and piled them up on the landing, blocking all the other apartments.  For two hours.
- Asked me to take a table full of stuff out to my car and load it up- computer, lamp, small desk
- After two hours, my boss (whom I was updating via text, since he's out of town) lost it on HQ.  Four more guys showed up, and the whole place- including all the stuff that was still on the landing- was packed in less than 30 minutes.

Everything from then on was miraculously smooth.  The relief team really had their game together, though I had to explain how to stack things, it all went well until the paperwork.

"You owe us $725."
"Didn't my boss provide a credit card when he made arrangements?"
"Do you have his number?"
"Can you check with your headquarters to see if it's paid for already?"
"I don't know."
So I call my boss, and yes, he has already given them his credit card and an authorization for payment.  This blows the guy's mind, and he has to call HQ to see what to do.  30 minutes later... .

I sign the line that says "Prepaid.  Sign at completion of service."

I was so frustrated.  So frustrated.  My boss is beyond rage.

Moldy Workspace :(

I'm going to complain because this is annoying me and it's been nearly two weeks now. I do consider this bad service because these other groups are contracted out.

I came into work two weeks ago to a huge gush of water coming out of the roof of my office, RIGHT ABOVE where I sit, my monitors, my keyboards, my mouse, everything was ruined, all the stuff on my desk was ruined, the roof was caving in.

Turns out, they decided right above someone else's seat was the BEST PLACE to keep a hot water tank for the kitchen next door. Whatever, at least it wasn't sewage.

I was out of an office, I've been moved into a much nicer office but the move couldn't happen until today, so I've been working in an empty office on my laptop and working from home.

I told them right two weeks ago: "I want new electronic stuff though, it's been sitting in water for how long." and the guaranteed that yes, new keyboard, new docking station, because they didn't even know if the stuff works. They kept it IN the dripping water for almost a week before finally moving everything to a corner.

So I get the move instructions, and it says that my electronic stuff is coming with me. So I call them ,and tell them, that the electronics were flooded, they haven't been tested, and they're covered in a weird grime from sitting in the water for a week, I don't want them. I'm assured they're talking to workstation solutions and I'll get new stuff.

I come in today, and they've set up and hooked up all my waterlogged grimy electronics to a power source. Honestly, I'm iffy on even touching them since they're all plugged in now. They smell disgusting. There's a huge risk for mold, especially in the keyboard, the keyboard looks like it's growing fungus even just on the outside.

I am hugely allergic to mold, and pregnant so I can smell it pretty distinctly and even sitting in this room is making me want to throw up.

So I call my associate, and she says it's up to the movers, so I call the movers, and they say it's up to workstation, so I call them and they say I need to log a ticket and justify everything and even then it'll be like a week.

I'm sure insurance from the flood covers the electronics ruined, I don't know why they're making me jump through hoops just so I can work normally again or why they thought it would be okay to just rehook up flooded electronics.

Charter - Bad then good then what?

So, I'm attempting to move, I have been attempting to move since July, but there are things wrong with the new apartment that keep appearing (I'm moving within the same complex so I can easily keep abreast of things...just two months and a rotted out bathroom floor later...I'm still in moving limbo).

Given that situation, I have had to call and re-schedule charter moving my services three times now since my move in date keeps...moving (and before you say it, Charter is my only option so no, I can't switch and yes, I must endure them). Over all, it's been alright, no judgey tones, happy cs personnel...just a computer glitch that screwed up two days and a phone number.

Apparently, during the last 'moving/not moving' mess, they canceled the transfer to my new apartment, but did NOT cancel the shut off at my old one...so I am surfing around at 10am and suddenly have no tv, no internet and no phone. Figure out why and...while they can fix it (after twenty minutes and a supervisor trying to figure it out), they cannot give me my actual phone number back, that's at the new apartment. I have to live with a temp number.

...I could handle not having tv or internet, but a temp number is driving me batty! That wouldn't even be so bad if I wasn't in the middle of a HUD/Section 8 drama llama and a knee injury that has several doctors trying to find me (and I don't know everyone involved so I can't just call them all).

So, mistake, fixed...but then kinda wonky. And the apartment still won't be ready until Sept. *facepalm*
Seven hours ago, I bought a book for a friend for her Nook via bn.com. I gave it an hour, and nothing. No word on when it was going to go through. I call. I go through the vocal prompts on their IVR system, I get someone and she tells me, "Oh, you need to talk to someone in Sales Audit!" I am put on hold for twenty minutes to just get told, "give it a few hours. I'm not seeing any reason why it's delayed, there's no technical issues at our end." Okay, fine. I decide to give it till after dinner.

SEVEN HOURS LATER, there's still no word on when this book is going to be on my friend's device?! Really!?

I'm currently on hold - YET AGAIN - with Barnes & Noble to find out wtf is going on, b/c the person I spoke to clearly who works in the e-book department had NO idea what I'm talking about. It's very simple, at approximately 2.30 this afternoon, EST, I bought a book, an e-book, as a gift for a friend for her device. Why is it, seven hours later, still saying "processing," when I got told hours ago that there was no real reason for it to be sitting there at "processing?" Simple, right? Guess not.

And of course no one speaks fluent English, so I have to repeat myself several times for them to understand me. >:(

Edit: I was on hold for a good 45 minutes, got someone in Customer Service who then tells me they can't help me, to "please hold" and they're going to send me to a "Nook Specialist" who can help. Uh, yeah, okay. I tell the rep when they finally answer after a long hold what's going on, I'm detailed, I give approximate time, I give approximate date, I give order number. I get put on hold without a word and bounced over to Customer Service. WHAT are you people doing!? This goes on for several rounds. I cannot handle talking on the phone as it is, it ignites my anxiety. This is insane, this is horrible service, and I am ready to just hide under a rock. I paid money, I did MY part. Why can't they do theirs?!

Spitting Feathers

I'm so angry right now. My dad, who is 78 and lives on his own, just called me up and was nearly crying. Which is something my dad never does. Because it seems a national firm that sells double glazing, Safestyle UK, sent a rep round who used hard sell tactics to get him to buy windows from them.

Backstory: my dad had the front of his house done by them at the start of the year. The service was horrendous: the windows themselves were fine, but the fitters smashed glass in the house and didn't clean it up, broke his satellite receiver and cut the ariel leads, trampled flowers in my dads garden and left scaffolding outside his house for two weeks, which meant he could barely get out as he has bad arthritis and couldn't get round it easily. So there was no way in hell he was getting the back of the house done by them.

But they sent a rep round who stayed FOUR HOURS until my dad agreed to sign up, and now he's in a terrible state. There should be a 7 day cooling off period, so I'm going to give them hell. They are a big company who advertises on national TV, and they use tactics like this? It's disgusting, putting pressure on an elderly man till he signs for something he doesn't want.

How did Amazon become this?

I placed an order today for a bunch of swim stuff for this weekend and used Amazons "FREE SAME DAY Delivery! Get it today if you order within xxx hours!" Method. I needed it delivered today because I would not be home tomorrow.

I placed the order well within the timeline required and when checking out, it said "free same day delivery".

So when my order suddenly said "will be delivered by Friday" I was frustrated and hopped on Amazons chat service, only to be insinuated that I was lying about it saying Same Day shipping because my order confirmation email gives a confirmed delivery day of Friday. They copy and pasted the email to me several times, would not offer me any resolutions, and said I couldn't possibly have seen it say "delivery for today" if the emails say Friday - despite me seeing that and even the website showing my order as having same day delivery.

I suggested to change the address on the package to my office (where I would be tomorrow) and of course the order was "too far along" to be redirected.

I suggested I reorder it and they could comp me the shipping cost (because it costs $12 to ship to my office a few miles away for some reason) and the price difference in the costs of the shirt (since it had gone up $2 since I ordered it) and they refused to do the $2.

So I requested cancellation and cancelled my Prime membership. 2 out of 3 of my orders were delayed since I started Prime - I am not going to continue paying for a service that basically calls me a liar and refuses to do anything to fix their issues.

Restaurant bad service

So on my way home from the dentist today I decided to treat myself to a nice burger and cocktail. Only it did not go so well. I ordered my burger medium rare with mash potatoes. It comes out and it is clearly well done and practically burnt. So I sent it back, it comes back around medium well and certainly not how I ordered. It comes out a third time. This one is cooked kind of uneven with some red in the center but the outsides still overcooked. But I just gave up at that point and ate it. Also, it was clear that they had just reheated the mashed potatoes rather than giving me new ones. They did not taste right at all.

No one offered to comp me anything. I still tipped well because it wasn't the waitress's fault. But I won't be going back there.

Delivery Issues

I ordered an Arwen costume from this British company that I was planning on wearing to Dragoncon this year. I ordered it in early June. They said to expect 2-3 weeks from the date of shipping. So, great. It was shipped in the second week of June.

Only it just came on Friday. Somehow, even though it had the right address in Quincy, Massachusetts and the right zip code, it was sent to West Virginia. I'm not sure whether the delivery company or the original company caused the problem.

But the frustrating thing is that I can't go to the convention anymore. So I would have returned the costume. Only, because of the long shipping time it is now outside the return period.

Oil Change Issues

I noticed my car was sounding a little off yesterday but the engine was hot so I left it overnight. This morning I go out and start checking it over. First thing I check is oil and it was overfilled by double what it should be! I just had an oil change last month so I drove the car to work and took it back to the place on my lunch break.

I see no wool on my eyes...Collapse )

McDonald's Bad Service

This event happened about a month ago so the details are a little fuzzy, but I will try to be as accuarte as possible.

So I decided to get Mikey D's for the family (me, my husband and my mom).  My husband and I go through the drive thru and order.  I ordered a chicken nuggets, Coke and fries for the husband, a bacon clubhouse and fries for my mom and a quarter pounder with bacon, Sprite and fries for me.  The drive thru person repeats it back to me but says steak burger instead of the bacon clubhouse (I have honest forget what the substitute burger is, sorry).  We pay and leave.

Our order is almost completely wrong.  My husband is the only one to get his order correct.  So back to McDonald's I go. As soon as I entered, the drive thru person says that he is sorry and that he gave us the wrong order. I then tell the manager my order minus my husband. She corrects me when I say bacon clubhouse and repeats the special steak burger instead. I ask if the bacon clubhouse is the same as the special steak burger and she agrees that it is. So home I go.

Well, the steak burger is not the same. No bacon, tons of onions with a weird sauce. I asked my mom if that is ok. Nope. So third time is the charm, I think. However, my husband is now done with his meal, my food is left to get cold and I am pissed off. Now I probably should have checked before I left the store, but she assured me that the burger were the same, just different names.

I arrive at the store with the (now full) husband in tow. I was very mad at this point and so might (read probably did) use curse words when conversing with the manager. I explained that this was not the burger I ordered and was now tired of coming to this location to fix their mistakes. I demanded the new burger be made and asked what compensation I would be receiving for having to come to this location three times in the space of about an hour to fix their mistake. No apology was ever given by the manager (not for the first or the second time I returned). Instead she very curtly asked me what compensation I would like. This threw me off my game as I had not yet thought this far, I really thought she would offer something, I would counter, etc... I ended up getting more fries and a new drink (as I had consumed most of my first one by this point).

Now I probably should have checked the order before I left the first time but I have gone to this McDonald often and have never had any mistakes. I really should have checked the second time (as my mom pointed out) but I really thought that it was the right burger.


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